Why can’t I see the covers and listen to songs on Spotify?

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Spotify is down. Here’s what’s happening It’s not you, or your phone. Not even your internet connection. Many services have been down throughout this midday because of some kind of problem with important servers. So neither the covers nor the playback of some Spotify songs is working as they should. Don’t panic, it’s a matter … Read more

How to know my music horoscope on Spotify

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Do you want to know your music horoscope on Spotify? Here’s how to view it Spotify has just released a new tool that shows you what your musical stars say about you. Do you want to see what this chart says about you? Here’s how to find out my music horoscope on Spotify. Spotify is … Read more

How to see what my friends are listening to on Spotify

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Discover your friends’ favorite songs on Spotify by following these steps. Spotify is one of the most used applications to listen to songs of your favorite artists, download them, or not miss episodes of interesting podcasts.  If you use it regularly and want to discover songs or artists that you may not know yet and … Read more

How Spotify Pays Artists | Everything Explained

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How Spotify pays its artists is one of the platform’s great mysteries. We unveil it for you. Streaming music platforms have become one of the most popular ways to consume our favorite songs. But, although we know that in this way we contribute to that consumption is completely legal, most users do not know how … Read more

How to get lyrics in Spotify on PC and Mobile | Step by Step

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Do you know why you don’t see the lyrics in Spotify? Here are some solutions For some time Spotify has been testing the possibilities of following the songs with both sight and hearing. But you’re probably wondering why I can’t see the lyrics in Spotify lately. There are some limitations that the streaming music platform … Read more

How to scan in Spotify | Step by Step Guide

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We show you how to create and scan a QR code in Spotify to share songs. Do you want to share your favorite songs with your friends quickly and easily? Then it might be interesting for you to learn how to scan in Spotify. And is that the instant messaging tool has many options for … Read more