How to know my music horoscope on Spotify

Do you want to know your music horoscope on Spotify? Here’s how to view it

Spotify has just released a new tool that shows you what your musical stars say about you. Do you want to see what this chart says about you? Here’s how to find out my music horoscope on Spotify.

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming music platforms. It currently has more than 350 million users and its catalog of songs includes more than 70 million songs.

Now the Spotify app has a new feature called “Just You” that shows you your music experience and in which your music horoscope is not missing. As you read it, the platform shows you what the stars say about you regarding the music you listen to. But… How to know my musical horoscope on Spotify? Look at the steps you must follow and we explain them below.

The first thing you have to do is open the Spotify application on your mobile device. On the home screen of the interface you will see a yellow banner that says “Just you” and inside it says “Discover your music habits”. Click on this ad or banner.

Then you will see a series of stories, like those of Instagram that will show you data about your user and your behavior. Among the stories, you will find one that reveals your birth chart or musical horoscope.

This music horoscope will show the artists you listen to assigned to three signs: sun, moon, and ascendant. Thus the sun sign shows you the artist that is most important to you and that you have listened to the most in the last six months.

The Moon sign shows you the musical artist you listen to and who shows your most emotional or vulnerable profile. Finally, the rising sign shows you the artist you have recently connected with.

How to Time Travel on Spotify

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Now that you know how to know my music horoscope on Spotify we show you another new feature: how to do Spotify time travel.

Spotify time travel is another feature coming in the new “Just You” tool. Time travel shows the musical journey of each user by displaying songs from different years.

To see this time travels you just have to open Spotify on your mobile and click on the “Only You” banner. These time travels will be shown in one of the displayed stories.

What would be my perfect dinner with friends according to Spotify

Spotify’s “Just You,” tells you which friends/singers you could share a table and tablecloth with. The platform discovers the three artists you listen to that would be ideal for sharing an unforgettable dinner.

To find out what would be the perfect dinner with friends according to Spotify you must open the application and then click on the “Just you” ad. Among the stories that are displayed appear the three artists or musical groups that you should “invite first”.

Both the musical horoscope, time travel, perfect dinner guests with friends can be shared in other apps by tapping on the button that comes at the bottom.

In addition, “Only you” shows the unique moment of each user where you can see what is the most listened to song, or podcast first thing in the morning and the evening. You can also view the unique combination of music genres and podcasts that are mostly mixed in that user’s Spotify plays.

The “Just You” feature is available to all users of the platform, both those who use Spotify in its free version and those who have a paid subscription.  

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