How to mute Spotify ads on Android | Step by Step Guide

Spotify is by far the most used music streaming service in the world and like all platforms of this type, it has paid subscription plans and a basic free version supported by advertising interruptions and other limits on the general use of the platform. To get around these limits you’ll need to subscribe, but as far as advertising is concerned, you can actually solve it in an alternative way, at least for Android smartphones. Let’s see now how to mute it using a free application on the Play Store.

Silence Spotify advertising with Mutify

As mentioned above, to mute Spotify ads you’ll have to use a free application available on Google Play Store, which will interface directly with the Spotify app. Its name is Mutify and it can be downloaded directly from this link.

Disable energy saving for Mutify

The only real limitation of the Mutify app is that unfortunately, in order to work, it will have to remain constantly active in the background. This means that if the Android device you own uses the “energy saver” option for background apps by default, this should be completely disabled for Mutify so that it can work freely and without interruptions.

This option might look different depending on the manufacturer’s interface, but in general, it will be identified by the name “Optimize battery usage” or “Background apps”. Once you find the section dedicated to activating or deactivating apps, you’ll have to allow Mutify to work freely in the background.

Enable Spotify and activate Mutify

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At this point, you’ll need to enable Spotify’s “Device Broadcast Status” option (not available in the Spotify Lite app). This will basically allow third-party apps to see your listening history, which is necessary to let Mutify know when to act to mute ads.

  • Open the Spotify app on your Android smartphone
  • Sign in with your account
  • Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  • Activate the toggle to the right of “Device Broadcast Status”.

At this point, you will be able to proceed with Mutify activation.

  • Open the Mutify app on your Android smartphone
  • Choose “I DID IT” at the “Enable Device Broadcast Status” prompt (if required)
  • Activate the “Mute Ads” toggle

From now on, Mutify will work in the background to intercept and mute Spotify ads. Battery consumption will be very little, as the said app won’t need a lot of power to run. In any case, if you have a device with an OLED screen, you can also activate the app’s dark mode to further limit battery consumption. To do so, just click on the three dots at the top and select “Dark-Only Mode”.

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