How to change the photo of a Spotify playlist from your phone

If you want to customize the covers of your playlists we tell you how to do it in a simple and quick way

Spotify is one of the most interesting platforms to listen to your favorite songs. If you have organized the songs you listen to the most in playlists and want to customize these lists easily from your device you will be interested to know how to change the photo of a Spotify playlist from your mobile.

If you have created a playlist or several songs in Spotify you may have noticed that by default the application puts on the cover an image that mixes the covers of the first four songs on that list. Something that may work but does not have to represent your playlist. We tell you how you can change that image from your mobile without much effort.

How to change the cover photo of a playlist in Spotify

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If you want to know how to change the cover photo of a playlist in Spotify we show you step by step in a very simple way.

From your mobile device, you must open Spotify and then click on “Your library“. There you will see all the playlists you have. Go to the one you want to change the cover photo. Once inside the playlist, you will see three little dots under the cover photo, click on them, and then click on “Edit“.

Then click on “change image“. Your device will open some tabs for you to choose the picture. You can select it from your mobile photo gallery if you choose “choose from your photo library” or you can also “take a photo” at that moment.

If you select it from your mobile photo gallery you will see that the image is cropped by default as it has to be square. Choose the image you want and then click on “save” to set it as the cover of your playlist.

How to customize a playlist in Spotify

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If you already know how to change the photo of a Spotify playlist from your mobile but you want to change and give your personal touch to other features of a playlist we explain how to customize a playlist in Spotify.

Each of the playlists has various functions that can help you identify them much better if, for example, you have several know these ways of customization open the application, click on “Your library” and choose the playlist to customize. Then click on the three dots and a new screen will open with several options that we tell you below.

The first one that appears is Add songs. If you want to expand the playlist you can search for that song you love and want to include. Spotify also shows you a list of suggestions. If you swipe from right to left on the screen it will show you those suggestions based on what you have listened to recently for example.

If you click on “edit” within the playlist you can change the cover image, as we have explained above, but you can also change the title of the playlist by simply clicking on the text. You can also “add a description“, which will allow you to add any information you want about the playlist, for example, the year of the songs or the musical style.

You can also “make the playlist secret” so that none of your contacts or Spotify users can see it and if you “make it collaborative” any of your friends can add songs to it.

If you have decided that you are no longer interested in that playlist you can also delete it. The last option that appears is “share“. Pressing it opens a screen for you to choose the social network or messaging application where you want to show or send your playlist.