Why Spotify pauses by itself

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If you want to know why Spotify pauses by itself and won’t let you listen to your favorite songs, we show you the reasons and possible solutions. It’s possible that it’s happened to you more than once. You’re listening to your favorite music and suddenly it stops playing. What could be the reason? Why does … Read more

Why Spotify does not play some songs

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Can’t listen to some songs or playlists on Spotify? Here’s what’s happening Spotify is one of the most popular applications for listening to music via streaming. Its catalog of songs includes more than 60 million songs available for all users. But sometimes if we are using the application we will realize that there are some … Read more

How to download music on Spotify | Easy method

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Learning how to download music on Spotify can be very interesting when you want to listen to your favorite songs without an Internet connection. Spotify has almost endless possibilities for listening to music, but it uses an Internet connection. And as we do not always have a WiFi network available or we want to spend … Read more

How to change your Profile name in Spotify

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Want to learn how to change your profile name in Spotify? We show you how to do it from your mobile or PC. In Spotify, we have two names that allow us to identify ourselves: the username, which serves to identify us and that we can not change, and the profile name, which is the … Read more

How to Delete my Spotify account | Step by Step Guide

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How to delete my Spotify account? You may be thinking about it when you can’t find your profile in the app. Here we tell you how to do it step by step. If you’re looking for how to delete my Spotify account in 2021 you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t matter if you … Read more

What are Spotify mixes playlists and How to listen to them?

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Spotify Mixes has new categories of personalized playlists. Here’s what they are and how you can discover them. Yes, those playlists that Spotify creates automatically based on our playback history. So it’s just a matter of pressing play and you’ll have a personalized mix of songs playing. For example, you can start the week with … Read more

Spotify Wrapped 2024 Is Not Working, How To Fix It?

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Troubleshoot and enjoy Spotify Wrapped 2021 Spotify always releases at the end of the year the Wrapped, the summary of the music that each user listens to. But there are users who have reported problems with this feature. If Spotify Wrapped 2021 does not work, how to fix it? We explain it to you below. … Read more

How To Change The Country Or Region In Spotify

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Spending a few days abroad and still want to listen to your favorite music? We show you how to change the country or region in Spotify. If you are going to spend a few days of vacation abroad and want to continue listening to your favorite songs, you may have wondered how to change the … Read more