TCL Home, how to remotely control your TCL devices from your smartphone

Do you have TCL devices at home? Then this application is of interest to you

Now that we have everything interconnected inside and outside the home, and that TCL is present in more markets with more and more devices, the arrival of TCL Home was expected. It is a useful application for users of devices from this manufacturer, with which to have several tools at hand when it comes to remotely manage these devices, or have direct after-sales contact with TCL. We explain how to do it here.

TCL Home

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You just need to download TCL Home on your mobile. It is available on Google Play Store for free if you have an Android phone. Whether it is TCL or not. And in the Apple App Store if you have an iPhone. So it covers the entire spectrum of devices from which to remotely control your TCL Home devices.

The interesting thing is that the app, when you carry it on your mobile, and if everything is set up properly at home and connected to the Internet, it will work from anywhere. So the remote control works both when you are at home, using the mobile as a remote control for other TCL devices such as TVs or air conditioners, among others. Very useful to manage the environment and find the living room cool and the TV on, for example, as soon as you walk in the door.

You will have to create a profile within the TCL Home application. You can use your email address or speed up the process with your Facebook or Google account. Once you are registered you will be taken to the main screen where you will have to set everything up initially.

You will then need to add the TCL devices that you are going to control from your mobile. Click on Add devices to browse through the different device categories. The TCL Home app will automatically search for any TCL devices connected to the home Internet or Bluetooth enabled to help you with the process. In addition, you can browse through the categories of devices such as TVs and air handlers that are available by searching for the models you have at home. This makes it easier and more visual. Follow the steps, connecting everything to the same WiFi network, and you will have the devices connected in a couple of minutes.

With this, once you have reached this point, the devices will be listed on the main screen of the TCL Home application. So, from the mobile, and anywhere, you can click on the one you want to control to change the channel or volume, change the air temperature, turn on or off the dehumidifier … Everything you need to control as if you had the remote control of all these devices but in one: your mobile.

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