How to get lyrics in Spotify on PC and Mobile | Step by Step

Do you know why you don’t see the lyrics in Spotify? Here are some solutions

For some time Spotify has been testing the possibilities of following the songs with both sight and hearing. But you’re probably wondering why I can’t see the lyrics in Spotify lately. There are some limitations that the streaming music platform has yet to polish. If you suddenly find that you can not see the lyrics of your favorite songs, here are some answers that interest you. And also some solutions so that you don’t miss the lyrics again when you’re singing your favorite song with all the feeling.

Well, a few years ago Spotify had tools to add lyrics when listening to songs. Very useful to finally understand what artists say or to review the verses that most interest us. However, this function encountered some legal problems. That is why it ended up disappearing a few years ago. Something that worsened the music service and left many users complaining about the lack of content beyond music.

Eventually, Spotify found a new formula to bring some lyrics of a few songs to its mobile app. It called it Genius, and it consisted of a summary of information about the track being listened to. It basically consists of cards with fun facts about the production, band or artist of the song, and also with some parts of the lyrics. The only problem is that Genius is only available in English and for a limited number of songs. So chances are, you’ll either be very mainstream and find yourself with the function and texts in English, or you’ll forget about the lyrics on Spotify.

But if you’ve come this far, and you already have an answer as to why in Spotify I don’t get the lyrics of the songs, now I’m going to give you a couple of tricks to get them back. And is that, although it does not depend on Spotify, there are third parties who have sought the turns to bring the verses to the Spotify player. Both on the computer and on the mobile.

How to view lyrics on Spotify on pc

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Want to know how to view lyrics on Spotify on PC? Well, it’s easy. In fact, you can do it both in the Spotify Web version and with the program downloaded and installed on your computer. Although they are two different processes.

lyrics in Spotify web

If you don’t use the Spotify program on your computer and you do it all via the website, the only thing you will need is a Google Chrome extension to add these lyrics. All you need to do is go to the Chrome Web Store and install the Spotify Lyrics extension.

When you do this and restart Spotify Web you will see a new button appear next to the player. With it you will be able to activate the lyrics to see them on screen. Of course, this extension only works in Chrome and with the Spotify web player.

When you start playing music, you can click on the justified icon in the lower-left corner. This displays a small window in the lower right corner with the lyrics synchronized to the beat of the song. The design is great and integrates seamlessly with Spotify. And the best thing is that you can move around other windows and have the lyrics box always in view. All this being able to resize it to adapt it to the size you prefer.

lyrics for Spotify on pc

The other option is to add the lyrics with a third-party program on top of the Spotify program you have installed on your PC. To do this you just have to go to the Microsoft Store and download Musixmatch. It is a program that has been offering this service for years with a multitude of lyrics and translations of these. Well, install the program, register in it, and link it with Spotify.

The process is guided, although the program is only available in English. But basically, you just have to click on the Next button and enter your Google or Facebook credentials to take the important steps. Click on the Connect to Spotify button and enter your Spotify credentials to give permission in the process. The Musixmatch program will then ask you to play a song on Spotify to start testing its qualities. Of course, in our case, we had to close the Musixmatch program from the Windows toolbar in order to restart it and make it work with the Spotify lyrics.

With this, when you play music in Spotify you can also open Musixmatch to see the synchronized lyrics live in a new window. The amount of lyrics stored in this program is overwhelming, and you can find them in different languages. It also has many customization elements such as colors for the background of the lyrics, changes the size of the lyrics, edits a verse if there is an error, and choose the size of the window.

Musixmatch Spotify on mobile

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Very similar to the PC version of Spotify with Musixmatch is what I come to tell you about your mobile. You just need to download the Musixmatch app from the Google Play Store and log in to make everything active and linked. You must also accept the application overlay for Musixmatch. And is that this tool works as a floating window that will be displayed above Spotify and other apps on your mobile so you can read the lyrics while listening to the song. Don’t worry, the configuration process is guided and you will only have to accept and activate the controls you are asked for. And this time it is in English.

You will also have to give permission for Musixmatch to listen to the music you play on your mobile to synchronize and it will also need you to link it with your Spotify account. From this moment on, when you use the Spotify app, a Musixmatch pop-up window will appear on the screen with the synchronized lyrics at the right minute of the song.

You will be able to play with the size of this window to make it bigger or smaller as you like. You can also take advantage of the virtues of Musixmatch such as translating the lyrics that appear on the screen to finally understand all those songs in English that you sing like a parrot without knowing very well what you are saying.

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