How to make a slow-motion TikTok video

Want to make slow-motion TikTok videos? Here’s how to create them.

TikTok gives a multitude of creative options for making short videos. One of the coolest effects in these videos is slow motion. If you are eager to try it we show you how to make a slow-motion TikTok video.

The slow-motion effect artificially slows down the playback of the image to increase the visual or emotional impact on the viewer.

Some details are not perceptible to the human eye at normal speed. If the images are displayed in slow motion, a surprising effect is achieved with which nothing goes unnoticed.


The TikTok application bases its success on the infinite number of short videos that are shared on it. It is currently the most downloaded application worldwide. Every month up to 800 million active users connect to this platform.

All kinds of creative effects can be applied to these TikTok videos, including the slow-motion effect. We tell you how to make a TikTok video in slow motion to surprise your followers.

Slow-motion in TikTok

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The first thing you should know is that the way to make a TikTok video in slow motion is the same as making a Slow motion in TikTok. The first thing you should do to know how to make a slow-motion TikTok video is to open the app and click on the + icon that you have at the bottom center of the screen.

Then click on the “Speed” button to activate this function. Several numbers appear just above the red record button. 0.3x and 0.5x are the ones that lower the speed for slow motion.

Between the two options, 0.3x is an even slower speed than 0.5x. Choose either one to make your video in slow motion. Then record the video. When you are done, you can add background music to it by clicking “Add sound” at the top.

You can also add color filters. The button for these filters is just below the “speed” button. When you have the video ready to publish click on “Next”. In the screen that appears you can add stickers, more image effects, or other sounds.

Click “Next” again to proceed to publish the video on TikTok. Configure here the title you want to give it, the hashtags if you want to mention any of your friends, and choose who will watch the video in slow motion.

In addition, you can activate the “Save to your device” option so that when it is published on TikTok it is also saved in your mobile’s gallery. This can be practical in case you want to upload it later to any other social network or send it via WhatsApp to your contacts.

You can also slow down a video that you have recorded at a normal speed. This effect does not look as good as recording it directly in slow motion, but it can be useful to capture details.

To slow down a video, just open TikTok, click on the + icon at the bottom of the screen and then click on “Upload”. Choose the video you want to slow down and click next. Now on the screen choose the 0.5x option and you will see how your video goes in slow motion.

Now that you know how to make a slow-motion TikTok video you just need to start creating it. If you need ideas to make your Slow motion video we recommend you to take a look at the videos that other followers have posted on TikTok. To see them just go to “Trends”, the icon that appears with a magnifying glass icon. Then in the box at the top of the screen type “Slow motion” or “Slow motion” and the application will show you videos that have been made with this effect.

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