The Best APPs for Investing in the Stock Market

Apps for investing in the stock market are revolutionizing the way we invest in global markets. However, not all of them are reliable and only a few of them offer truly exclusive advantages.

Why Investing on the Stock Exchange with an APP: Advantages and Limitations

With the advent of innovative and cutting-edge technological tools, and the ever-increasing diversification of investment types, the way of actively managing one’s own capital has undergone various transformations over the years, up to the point of seeing the birth of specially dedicated platforms: Apps for investing on the stock exchange.

Completely free, easy to use and available for iOS and Android devices, the App plays a key role in online investments, providing the user with an interactive, quality and dynamic experience.

Unlike desktop PC platforms, Apps have a smaller overall view, logically adapted to the screen size of the device used, but they still manage to provide the user with all the tools they are equipped with.

How to Choose the Ideal Platform

Each financial broker is distinguished by its own dedicated App, developed on the basis and structure of its online platform, and made available for free to all users.

By broker, we mean today a specific intermediation company, which acts as a negotiator between the buyer and the seller, with the aim of accompanying and advising the latter through the process of buying and selling, ensuring a dynamic and active management of all operations.

Therefore, we could say that today everyone has the possibility to carry their broker “in their pocket”, receiving in an easy and fast way all the notifications of the activities, in order not to miss the opportunities that arise with every market movement.

APPs for Investing on the Stock Exchange

Among the best Apps to invest in the stock market, three of them offer exclusive advantages and zero costs, and they are: Plus500, eToro and XTB.

Plus 500

Let’s start by saying that Plus500 is a FTSE 250 company, listed on the London Stock Exchange, and manages its funds through the use of specially segregated bank accounts. One of the historic platforms for online trading, it now offers the ability to invest directly from your PC or smartphone in a large number of assets, including commodities, stocks, indices, ETFs and many more.

Reliable, simple and innovative, it is regularly registered with CONSOB (the Italian financial market control body), which is responsible for verifying the transparency and fairness of financial operators. It also boasts an important digital community, one of the first in the industry, and offers some free services, such as push and email notifications on market events, and alerts on price movements and exchange rates.

It also offers a free demo, through which you can start to manage your first capital with virtual money and practice. The platform guarantees tight spreads, unlimited trades and no commissions, as well as fast and reliable order execution.


In 2007 three entrepreneurs decided to revolutionize the world of trading, and their misson was to make trading open and accessible to anyone, anywhere. Initially born as an interesting project of social trading, with the passage of time eToro has become a major player in the world, thanks to its strengths that are very interesting.

The commission fees are zero, there are no tickets or additional management costs, there are no limits on the trading volume, and boasts one of the most important and active communities in the industry, with thousands of users who daily make and share trades.

eToro also offers the possibility to interact with a free trial platform through a Demo Account, identical to the original but with virtual money, so you can practice before investing your real capital.


XTB is one of the world’s leading brokerage platforms, with over 4500 CFD instruments. Headquartered in Europe, XTB is certainly one of the global leaders in trading stocks, but also ETFs, CFDs, commodities and cryptocurrencies, and offers access through its platform to over 2,000 instruments.

Listed on the stock exchange, it is one of the few that does not have a minimum deposit among its initial requirements, and manages to guarantee functionality and speed to its users by adopting 0% commissions, on all stocks and ETFs.

XTB has also recently launched an interesting tool: the possibility to buy stocks. It is duly registered with the main global supervisory authorities, including CONSOB in Italy, as well as the English FCA, famous for being one of the strictest supervisory bodies for issuing licenses, testifying to the goodness and seriousness of this platform.

Final Considerations

It must be said, however, that no investment can ever be 100% guaranteed, whether it is a broker or a bank, because we are talking about financial markets, and fluctuations and movements change rapidly and often uncontrolled.

Having said that, we can say that the convenience, ease of use and above all the speed, make the apps to invest in the stock market one of the most fundamental and innovative tools to operate on the markets, transforming the investment experience into an increasingly interactive and user-friendly process.

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