This Is The Tiktok Filter That Shows How You Look With And Without Make-Up At The Same Time

Learn about the Tiktok filter that shows how you look with and without make-up at the same time. Want to look both natural and retouched at the same time? This is the TikTok filter that shows how you look with and without makeup at the same time.

Many times, when we show ourselves on social networks, we have the dilemma of whether it is preferable to show ourselves as we are or bring out the best part of us thanks to filters of different types. But what if we show both at the same time so that the difference can be seen better? This is the TikTok filter that shows how you are with and without makeup at the same time, so that the change can be better appreciated.

It is a filter in which the screen is divided in two. In one half is added one of those makeup filters that are so fashionable in social networks. In the other half, no filter is visible. When it comes to creativity and making your video, you have two options. You can stand in the middle so that half of your face is made up and the other half is not. Or you can stand first in the half where makeup has been added and then move to the other half, so that the change can be seen more clearly.

In this video by influencer Andrea Garte we can see how this filter works, and how the change from using it to not using it can be seen in a matter of seconds.

To add this filter to your TikTok videos you simply have to look for it in the Effects section when you are recording a video. There you will have to enter the Appearance section and look for it. Then simply click on it and you will have it on your screen.

Keep in mind that TikTok does not allow you to search for filters by name, so finding the one you need may take a little longer than you think. Therefore, we recommend that if you are thinking of using it on a regular basis, save it in favorites, so that you can find it again quickly without having to search through the different sections over and over again.

In case you find it too cumbersome, you always have the option to search for the filter through Instagram, record the video as a story without publishing it and then upload it to TikTok. There you can make all the image edits you consider necessary.

How To Use The Makeup Vs Reality Filter On Instagram

Although TikTok is getting closer and closer, the truth is that Instagram is undoubtedly the social network of posturing. And that is why it is there where more times someone will have snuck it to you looking more attractive than it is thanks to a filter. But if after having done so you want to really show yourself as you are, you will be interested to know how to use the makeup vs reality filter on Instagram. In this case it’s a bit simpler, since the photo social network does allow you to search for the different filters by name.

So, to find this filter what you have to do is start creating a story. At the bottom of the screen you will see the different filters you have at your disposal. Now you will have to go to the end of the list of filters and you will find an icon with a magnifying glass, which is intended to search for new filters. At this point, all you have to do is enter “filter vs reality” in the search box.

Several very similar filters will appear, so you can try until you find the one you like the most. Once you have applied the filter, proceed to record your story and then you can decide whether to publish it directly or save it on the hard drive of your smartphone to share it elsewhere.

Thanks to this type of filters you can show the world that with a filter you can become a beautiful person, but without them you are also beautiful.

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