Why Am I Logged Out Of Tiktok?

Why am I logged out of Tiktok? Logging into the application and finding yourself logged out is something that inevitably worries everyone. Finding out why I am logged out of TikTok is easy with these steps

It is very rare to try to access one of our applications and find that our session has been closed suddenly, without knowing why my session on TikTok, Facebook or any other social network has been closed without having done anything. Usually, sessions stay open on our mobile for quick access, but there are some reasons that can explain this unexpected session exit.

Sometimes there may be a failure in the normal operation of TikTok, causing the application to crash or the session to close unexpectedly, preventing us from watching more videos. Another possibility is that, wanting to clean data on our device, instead of having deleted the TikTok cache, we have deleted all the data from the application, which implies the automatic closing of the session.

The logout may also have occurred when we have gone into the platform settings and unlinked one or more devices that were logged in, either on the computer or on the mobile application. The possibility that we have been the victim of a hack is less likely, but cannot be ruled out. If the above scenarios are ruled out and you believe that your TikTok account has been compromised, you should change the password immediately and check from which devices it has been accessed to eliminate the possible intruder.

How To Remove A Device From Tiktok

We can review which devices have accessed our account from the application itself, so if you want to know how to remove a device from TikTok, pay attention to the following steps. When we open the application, we deploy the main menu by clicking on the icon with three horizontal stripes that we have at the top right of the screen and select ‘Settings and privacy’. Then, we will go to the ‘Security’ section to finish the process.

In ‘Security’, we will already find the possibility of entering ‘Your devices’, where all recent accesses that have occurred to your TikTok account and their origin are collected. In case you see any unrecognizable origin at first glance, you will have to click on the icon with the trash can on the right to close these sessions. You should also take a look at the application permissions you have granted and it is highly recommended to activate the two-step verification to reinforce the security of your account.

Have I Had My Tiktok Account Deleted?

When we see that we have been suddenly logged out, it is understandable to ask ourselves the following question: have I had my TikTok account deleted? A logout has nothing to do with account deletion, as in this case TikTok usually notifies users that they have proceeded to delete their account because they have violated their terms of use. If we have accidentally logged out (or someone has broken into the account and closed it), we should have no problem logging back in unless the password has been changed.

In the event that the process of deleting the TikTok account was initiated by us, the application itself usually sends an email to the associated account informing us that the closure has been carried out so that there is no doubt about it. This happens with all platforms, so this situation is not related to logouts. However, from digiitallife we insist on the previous tips to reinforce security: review the linked devices, app permissions and enable two-step verification to avoid unpleasant experiences.

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