What All These Symbols Mean On Tinder: Stars, Heart, Red Dot…

Find out what all these symbols mean on Tinder. Getting used to a new application can be complex, so in this article, we explain what all these symbols mean in Tinder: stars, heart, red dot…

The applications for flirting and meeting people usually work the same way, but it never hurts to know what they mean in Tinder all these symbols: stars, heart, red dot … Developers strive to differentiate their products to have a better assessment by the user, creating an own ecosystem in which every detail has a different function.

What The Blue Star Means In Tinder

When we take our first steps in the application, surely when we start seeing profiles we wonder what the blue star means in Tinder. Its central location can lead many people to confusion, thinking that it is the button to like someone, but it is actually a paid function of the app.

The blue star is a Super Like, a feature you can get if you subscribe to Tinder Gold, which is priced between 10.41 dollars/month or 30.99 dollars/month, depending on how long you subscribe. With each Super Like (only five a week are allowed), the other person will see your profile appear with a blue border, which can increase the chances that they will like you back and match you to start talking.

What The Gold Star Means On Tinder

Once we know what the blue one implies, it is time to explain what the gold star means in Tinder. This time we find it in the bottom menu bar of our screen, and it consists of a function -also for a fee- that will allow us to know who are the profiles that have already given us like, that is to say, a flirting tip-off.

To activate this function, you must subscribe again to Tinder Gold, which allows us to have some advantages to connect with more people and have some priority within the application. Its prices, between 10.41 dollars a month and 30.99 dollars a month, can be somewhat expensive to satisfy a curiosity that can be revealed by swiping left or right over time, but each user is different and the desire to know can be much stronger for some people than for others.

What Does The Green Heart Mean On Tinder

From the stars to the heart, turn to know what the green heart means in Tinder. We see this button on the right side of our screen, with a similar size to the red cross with which we discard candidates, and it is the traditional like of all life.

By clicking on the green heart, we will have taken the first step to be able to chat with the person who has caught our attention. He or she will only need to press his or her green heart when he or she sees us and we will be able to start a conversation.

What Does The Red Dot Mean On Tinder

Have you ever wondered what the red dot means in Tinder? We find this in the bottom menu bar and it does not always appear, so it can lead to confusion, especially if we are not used to using the application in our day to day.

When we see a red dot in any of the five sections of the menu, it means that there is some notification for us that we will have to attend to, so it is advisable not to overlook them. It may be that behind one of those red dots is a message that will change our life.

What Nope Means On Tinder

Finally, although it is quite obvious, we will also explain what nope means on Tinder. The term nope is widely used on the Internet as a negation, so it is nothing more than a full-fledged ‘no’. When we swipe a profile to the left, the ‘Nope’ stamp will appear over their picture.

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