How To Change The Preferences In The Tinder Profile

Learn to change the preferences in the Tinder profile. Have you just installed the application and don’t know how to change the preferences in the Tinder profile? We tell you how!

Life is constantly changing, and so are our tastes, so knowing how to change preferences in the Tinder profile is something to keep in mind if you are using the app to look for love, or whatever. There are several factors such as language, location, distance, etc. that we can modify in our profile to indicate what our preferences are and to be able to narrow down a bit that sea of profiles that is Tinder.

If you do not want to end up falling in love with someone who lives far away or dating a person much younger than you, for example, you just have to “touch” some settings of your profile and avoid unnecessary surprises (although surely you will get some at the moment of truth). Let’s get to it!

How To Change Tinder Profile Preferences

To find out how to change the preferences in the Tinder profile the first thing you have to do is to enter your Tinder profile. To do this, access the application from your mobile and click on the circle with your photo. A window will open with your profile information, where you can choose between “Edit profile” and “Settings”.

In the first one, you will be able to change your description, where you can also briefly explain your preferences; and also put and change your photos: select well which one you put, it is the first contact. But, it will be in the second in which we will see point by point how to change the preferences in the Tinder profile. So, click on “Settings” and let’s get started.

How To Change What I Search For On Tinder

As we have told you, and as seen in the image above, on that screen you can see how to change what I search for on Tinder. There are three options in the “Show me” section, where you can choose between “Men”, “Women” or “All”. This is what you can check to show you one type of profile or another. However, times change, and in your profile information (we have already told you above how to reach alle) you can define more precisely your sexual orientation. This will not change which profiles appear, but when it comes to conversation or “selecting” it can help.

How To Change The Distance On Tinder

How to change the distance in Tinder is very simple. On the same screen you will see that it says “Maximum distance”, there, by moving the bar to the left (less distance) or to the right (more distance) you can narrow the range, in kilometers, of the profiles that will appear according to your location at that moment.

How To Change The Age Range In Tinder

The same happens with how to change the age range in Tinder; you just have to go down a little further to where it says “Age range” and, as with the distance, you can move the bar to choose your preferences and narrow down between a maximum and a minimum age.

Finally, remember that sometimes love doesn’t understand distance, sexual orientation or age, and that if you do “macht”, it’s always better to start a conversation with a witty phrase and not with a simple “Holi”. That said: Good luck in your search, and let’s get flirting!

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