Tinder Passport, what is it and how does it work?

Tinder Passport is one of the lesser-known features of the dating app, and now we will explain what it is and how it works. While Passport usually requires a paid subscription to Tinder, sometimes you can use it for free through temporary promotions.

The objective of Tinder Passport is that our profile appears in a different location from the real one, to meet new people. With Passport, we will see and be seen by people in the city we choose, something useful if we are preparing a vacation or we are moving to another place.

We have already explained when the location is updated in Tinder: the app detects our position when we open it and does not allow us to use Fake GPS or similar to alter the place where we are located.

Unfortunately, Passport is part of the Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions, so to see profiles from other cities we have to pay the fee for one of these three modes (it is included in any of them).

Now we will explain how Passport works, step by step, for those who already have it available, and also the cost involved for those who are considering using it.

How Tinder Passport works

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The ability to change our location in Tinder is somewhat hidden in the settings, perhaps that is why many users do not know what Passport is, or that there is the option to travel to other cities with premium subscriptions.

Changing location is done in the following menu within Tinder for Android and iOS:

Profile -> Settings -> Discovery Settings -> Location.

Let’s explain step by step how to access it in the mobile app:

  • From the home screen, we will go to the profile tab, a silhouette icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Under the profile name, we will tap on the “Settings” icon, shaped like a gear.
  • We locate the “Discovery Settings” section and there we tap on “Location” to make the change.
  • Now we will choose the “Add a new location” option in the window that pops up.
  • A map will open, the optimal thing to do is to enter the location in the search engine and, if necessary, pinpoint the exact location using the placeholder.
  • In the location section the chosen location will be saved, to quickly alternate with our actual position, as long as we maintain access to Passport.

We have already explained how to change the location in Tinder in case we need to go deeper about it, with a tutorial that details it in depth.

Tinder Passport variations

The only way to use Passport is through a paid subscription, it doesn’t work as an individual feature. That said, it is considered one of the most “basic” extras and comes included in Tinder Plus (the cheapest model), as well as Gold and Platinum, the advanced plans.

In general, Tinder prices are very expensive and complex, with different costs depending on the user’s age, and also on whether we pay monthly, semi-annually, or annually. Here we explain the prices and advantages of the three alternatives:

  • Tinder Platinum.
  • Tinder Gold.
  • Tinder Plus.

In the end, Passport is just an “extra”, those who invest money in Tinder usually do it to have unlimited likes, which increases the chances of meeting interesting people.

Knowing how Tinder’s algorithm works, we realize that it complicates things for those who are not young and physically attractive, encouraging men to pay for the subscription (something much less common among women).

In summary, the cheapest option to get a Passport is to pay for 1 month of Tinder Plus, if we pay 6 months or 1 year in advance the cost per month goes down, but the amount to be paid at the time is much higher.

Gold and Platinum are much more expensive, and Tinder does not offer a free trial period in any of its three plans. The only alternative is to wait for a temporary promotion that gives away free Passport to make it known, but they are not too frequent.

Or we can download one of the alternatives to Tinder, for example, in Badoo traveling to other cities is free, and even lets us talk to other people without the complex process of making “match” in Tinder, which makes things easier.

In short, Tinder Passport is a function that is useful but expensive, and that not many will use since the subscriptions of the dating platform have a cost too high for most members.

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