What happens if you super like on Tinder

We tell you what happens if you give super like on Tinder and how it will increase your chances of finding love.

Liking is essential to find love, but what happens if you super like on Tinder? The most popular dating app boasts that it has led to 55 billion matches since it was launched in 2012. And they continue to grow, as they claim that matches have increased by 42% since February last year. In addition, there is a feature that increases your chances even more: the super like.

How it works is simple. After downloading the application, creating your profile by choosing your best photos, and selecting what kind of people you are interested in and at what distance, you can start browsing through the profiles of the application’s more than 6.6 million subscribers.

If you don’t like a profile and prefer to discard it, just swipe left or tap the X icon (at the bottom of your screen in red).

If, on the other hand, you like a profile, you have several options: swipe to the right or press the little green heart and cross your fingers that this person has also liked you.

If you love the profile, you can then click on the little blue star. Find out what happens if you give super like on Tinder.

How super like works on Tinder

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If you are browsing the app and you find a profile that you really like, you should know how the super like works on Tinder. This function serves to let the person behind the profile know that you like him/her more than the rest. How to let him/her know? You can either swipe up or click on the little blue star (located at the bottom, between the X and the green heart icons). So, what happens if you give a super like on Tinder?

“Your profile will appear on their screen with a bright blue border and a star, indicating that you have liked a lot,” they explain from the app. Therefore, you should keep in mind, before giving super like, that it is not anonymous: the other person will know that you are very interested.

Once you have chosen this option, your profile will be highlighted among the rest, but it’s not all won: the other person will have to decide if he/she is really interested in you or not. If he/she likes you, it’s a match! But he or she may also choose to swipe left… Bearing in mind this risk, and that free Tinder accounts only have one super like per day, think carefully before hitting the blue heart.

How to get free super likes

If you have spent your super like, Tinder will directly offer you the option to buy more. You can pay for packs of 5, 25, or 60 or get them for “free” by switching to one of the paid versions of the app. With Tinder Plus, for example, you will get 5 super likes for free every day; of course, paying for this type of subscription. The application also has the Gold and Platinum paid version.

Another way to get free super likes is to make your Tinder profile more attractive. If it stands out above the others, you will also receive more likes and super likes than the rest.

How long a like lasts on tinder

Once you know what happens if you give super likes on Tinder, you may prefer to stick with the “traditional” way of matching and let the algorithm work its magic. Giving likes exposes you less, and it’s free, but how long does a like on Tinder last?

Unlike the love found on this social network, likes do last forever. Even if you close and open the application (as long as you do not delete the account), the likes you give or receive remain saved.

That is why it is not strange that you can get to make a match several days after having liked a profile. The same happens with the matches that, unless one of the two users undoes it, will always remain there, so that you can resume or start the conversation at any time. Where there were flames…

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