How To Chat On Tinder Without Matching | Easy Guide

How to chat on Tinder without having to make a match

One of the limitations of Tinder is that you have to match with another person to start a conversation to get to know each other better. But there is a way to avoid this rule and talk to whoever you want. See how to chat on Tinder without making a match.

Tinder is one of the most popular apps for socializing, chatting with other people and meeting people through dating. The platform has more than 50 million users worldwide. It is estimated that in Spain 9% of men and 5% of women have this application installed on their mobile device.

The main function in Tinder that opens the door to being able to start a conversation with another person is known as “matching”. Matching means that two people have “liked” each other’s profile. But what if you want to talk to someone you didn’t match with? Is it possible? Now yes, find out how to chat on Tinder without making a match easily.

To find out how to chat on Tinder without making a match, the first thing you have to do is open the app and go to the “explore” section, then choose the “quick chat” option to start talking to the other person.

What Is Quick Chat And How To Use It

You already know how to chat on Tinder without making a match. You have seen that this is done through a new chat, find out what Quick Chat is and how to use it.

Quick Chat on Tinder is a way to chat and interact on Tinder. This Quick Chat has just arrived on the platform with the new function that has been included and is called “Explore”. Of course, you must keep in mind that the Quick Chat has its peculiarities and conditions. In this chat you can start a conversation with someone without making a match in what is considered a “low risk session”.

If you want to know how to use this quick chat read carefully. You can start it from the Explore section. In this Quick Chat you will see a decreasing timer. During this time while you are chatting you can both hit match to continue the conversation or wait for the time to run out and not continue talking. This is like a first contact for both users.

You must take into account that this quick chat is not available during the whole day, but it starts from six o’clock in the evening until midnight. This new way of talking has already been used by millions of users since its launch in the United States when it was launched at the beginning of the summer and now it is coming to Spain where it is also expected to be a success.

Explore: Where To Find The Quick Chat

To find out how to chat on Tinder without making a match, it is essential to use the Quick Chat. Discover the Explore function: where to find the Quick Chat.

The Explore function of Tinder is represented by an icon in the shape of four squares and appears at the bottom of the screen once you enter the application from the mobile. Once inside Explore there is the Quick Chat. Both the Explore and Quick Chat functions are expected to reach all users in October.

In Explore, in addition to the Quick Chat functions, there will be other new features such as Vibes, a weekly event where users will express their opinions on various topics; a new edition of Swipe Night, an adventure that will match you with those who chose similar answers to yours when this challenge ends, or the Photo Verification, where you can only view profiles that are self-identified. All these functions are aimed at discovering new users by interests.

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