How to get more matches on tinder with the vibes feature

Find out how to get more matches on Tinder with the Vibes feature, which will soon be available to improve your experience on the app.

By now you will be aware of the new innovation that will make it easier for you to get more matches on Tinder with the Vibes feature. The most successful app among singles who want to meet new people keeps incorporating new features to keep its users active.

With Vibes, the goal is none other than to improve the information that is handled for each user in order to improve their potential matches and make people who connect with each other have many more elements in common to get along and that romance (or whatever you are looking for) can arise.

If you want to know how to use Tinder Vibes, the first thing you have to keep in mind is that it’s not going to be always available, but will appear during 48-hour periods and not always in the same geographical areas. When it is active in your area, you will receive a notification or see a questionnaire when you open the application. The questions you will be asked will not only be about personal topics but will also try to find out about your cultural tastes – if you like MasterChef, if you are a literature lover, etc.-.

Once we have answered the questionnaire, this information will enrich our profile, which will allow Tinder to put our profile in contact with those people who have answered in a similar way. Our answers will be available on our profile for 72 hours, and if any of our matches have also answered the questions, we will find them in our chat window. Is it or is it not a good way to break the ice?

If you go into your app and find nothing related to the Vibes feature, don’t be alarmed. Tinder has just announced it through a press conference, and the goal, as indicated by the company itself, is that it will be operational by the end of May. In a few weeks, you will be able to get matches much more suited to your personality, guaranteeing a better user experience.

How to match on Tinder without paying

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If you are not willing to pay for the Gold service subscription and you are wondering how to match on Tinder without paying, we are going to give you a couple of tips to get matches without spending a single penny.

The first thing you need to do is to polish your profile. Many times we stop updating it out of idleness or mere forgetfulness and perhaps it no longer reflects an interesting (or current) image of ourselves. As you well know, photos are the gateway to get a match, so we will have to make an effort, at least, as we do when we publish something on our Instagram account.

It also doesn’t hurt to have an extra point of originality. Mr. Wonderful phrases to define ourselves have long gone out of fashion, so we will have to rack our brains a little more to get a powerful message that makes our profile, as a complement to the photos, also interesting for the rest of the user. If you can avoid slogans that have been used by political parties in campaigns, we will all be grateful.

In recent times Tinder has been improving its application, and the brief boomerang-style animations can make those little loops catch the attention of someone and not pass by your profile. A piercing glance at a given moment can be more effective than several gym sessions. If you want to learn more tricks, we recommend this article.

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