Where Are Downloaded Google Chrome Pages Saved On Android?

Find out where are downloaded Google Chrome Pages saved on Android. Have you ever wondered where downloaded Google Chrome pages are saved on Android? Find out in this article.

Practically all of us have been pending to the smallest detail of the space of our mobile, wondering even where the downloaded pages of Google Chrome on Android are saved. The need to manage our storage, especially when we have been with the same mobile for quite some time or we do not free up space frequently, leads us to investigate where each file goes to try to minimize unnecessary accumulation.

In the case of pages that we want to save while browsing to read them later, most often the user has not touched the default settings that came with the smartphone when buying it, and therefore these pages go to the same folder as the rest of the downloads we make of images or videos.

To check it, we go into our Files folder and there we can find in the ‘Downloads’ folder those web pages that we have downloaded to our mobile to be able to read them without connection in the future. 

How To Save Google Chrome Pages On Android

Have you ever found an interesting page on your commute from home to work or school (or vice versa) and then it was impossible to remember it to read it again? To avoid this scenario it is useful to know how to save Google Chrome pages on Android. If we are pressed for time to read a complete article or report, we have the possibility to save it on our mobile to be able to resume it as soon as we have the opportunity.

To do this, when browsing Google Chrome and accessing our web page of interest, we just have to press the icon with three dots that we find at the top right of our screen, next to the web address box, and a drop-down menu will appear. Then, we will see at the top of the screen an icon with a down arrow that has a horizontal line below, click on it and thus begin the process of downloading the page in question.

In this way, that web page will have been saved in your ‘Downloads’ folder, as explained in the previous point, so you will be able to consult it again, without rushing, whenever you want.

How To View Pages Offline In Google Chrome

Staying offline is one of the biggest problems we can face, so the process of how to view pages offline in Google Chrome interests us to be able to access the content that interests us even if we do not have at our disposal a wifi connection or data on the mobile to load correctly.

At the moment we download or save a web page while browsing following the steps explained earlier in this article, all that information contained on the page is downloaded to our smartphones or tablets, so the possibility of consulting them later is extended even at times when we have no connection.

In order to view a page offline, we will have to have previously saved it by downloading it, and simply by accessing Google Chrome (or accessing it through our downloads folder), we will be able to consult it, even if we are not connected, having previously saved it on our phone. This resource is not very well known, but it can be very useful to keep us entertained during a flight when we cannot connect to the Internet.

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