How To Know Where You Parked Your Car With Google Maps Automatically

Find out how to know where you parked your car with Google Maps automatically. Forgot where you parked your car? Google Maps helps you to locate it

Surely you’ve ever parked your car and then you got a little lost and did not know where it was parked. Google Maps helps you and tells you its location. See how to know where you parked your car with Google Maps automatically.

Google Maps has become an indispensable application to use when traveling on the road. With this app you can find out the different routes to get to any point in the country. In it you can also see the traffic flow and how crowded a particular place is.

In addition, through the legends of the colored lines you can know different meanings of services and locations and better understand the navigation maps. It is also a very useful app to measure distances and visualize satellite images of any part of the world.

This app is really interesting as we have mentioned for everything related to road travel. But it even helps you in car parking tasks. If you are one of those who forget where you have left the car parked Google Maps helps you to locate it. You will not need to install another GPS app for this task. See how to know where you parked your car with Google Maps automatically.

The first thing you need to do is to tell Google Maps where you are going to park your car. So when you have arrived at the parking lot open the Google Maps application and click on the blue dot that appears on the map. Several options will appear from which you must select “Save parking”. This will save your parking space.

For those users who have an Android cell phone, in addition to saving the location of the car, you can attach a photo of the parking space, write additional comments or set a remaining time to be notified in case it is an area with parking meters.

How To Show The Parked Car

Now to find out how to know where you parked your car with Google Maps automatically or how to show the parked car see how easy it is.

The first thing you have to do is to open the Google Maps app and place yourself on the interface where the map is displayed. Now the parked car will be shown with a blue marker with a “P” parking symbol. The platform will inform you how close or how far you are from that parking marker.

Take Me To The Car On Google Maps

If you have the car parking saved, but do not know how to get to it there is the function “Take me to the car on Google Maps”. See how you can execute it.

To make the Google Maps app itself take you to the car you just have to open the application and look for the marker with the “P” for parking. Then click on it and choose the “how to get there” option. From there Google will give you all the directions to get to where you have parked the vehicle.

Likewise, the app gives us the possibility to click on “Share” to send the link to the location of the car to our family or friends so that they know how to get to the car.

Where Have I Parked My Car?

If you have saved the parking of your car in Google Maps and now you are wondering where did I park my car? You can easily locate it.

To find out where you have parked your car just open the Google Maps application and on the map locate a blue marker with the letter “P” for parking. If you are near the app itself will indicate it with a legend that says “you have parked nearby”. If you are farther away, just click on that marker and then on “How to get there” so that the app will show you where you have to go to get to the car.

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