How To Get Free Shipping On Wallapop | Guide

Do you want to buy on Wallapop but prefer not to pay shipping costs? We show you how to get free shipping on Wallapop.

Wallapop is undoubtedly one of the best tools to buy and sell second hand items. And to proceed with the sale, depending on the person prefer one option or another. Some people prefer to meet directly with the person who is going to sell the product. But the most common is that they send it to you by courier. And the problem with this possibility is that the shipments have a cost. Therefore, there are many users who wonder how to get free shipping on Wallapop to avoid spending 

In principle, the platform does not offer any option that allows you to save shipping costs. If you just download it and use it on your smartphone, you will have to pay shipping costs yes or yes. On the other hand, it does allow third parties to offer discount coupons, in which we can find free shipping. Therefore, the process to get free shipping is to look for a coupon for it.

Websites like are one of the most recommended options to get free shipping on the products you buy.

Wallapop Free Shipping Today When?

It is possible that in your search to save on shipping costs you come across the option of Wallapop free shipping today. And you might be wondering when the possibility of using this coupon applies. The reality is that the answer will have to be found on the coupon itself. Normally, all discount codes have an expiration date, and you will have to read them well to take them into account.

There are coupons that are only valid for the day you find them. Therefore, you will not be able to save them for later, but you will have to use them at that very moment. Therefore, the main recommendation is that you go through the coupon websites for Wallapop at the same time you are going to make the purchase. That way, you will make sure that all the coupons you find are valid. If you look for them to use them later, it is possible that by the time you want to use them they will be expired.

Wallapop First Free Shipping Codes

If you’re shopping at the thrift store for the first time, you’re probably looking for Wallapop first free shipping codes. For this, the process is the same. You just have to enter one of the websites that offer codes for Wallapop and find one that focuses on the first free shipping. On the same website you can find a code that will allow you to save the shipping on the first time you buy a second-hand product.

What you will have to do is simply copy the code and paste it at the time you go to make the purchase. In this way, at the time of closing the purchase you will see how the shipping costs are not charged. It is something that pays off especially if you are going to buy something not too expensive, where in many occasions the shipping costs can be even more expensive than the product itself.

Of course, this code will only be valid the first time you make a purchase. If you have already used Wallapop previously you will have to look for other options.

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