How to remove automatic capitalization on Android | Guide

Android software keyboard auto-correction can definitely be very convenient, especially during the most intense writing phases. However, it could also often be so intrusive that it annoys the user. For this reason, today we’re going to focus precisely on its deactivation, mainly taking into account the capital letter at the beginning of the word. We’ll start with a more general procedure, and then dwell on some specific interfaces.

Remove automatic capitalization on Android

So, let’s start with the somewhat more general procedure that might work on most smartphones running the Android operating system. In any case, the same steps will apply in the same way when using Google’s Gboard, as it is Google’s own services that will be affected.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Android device
  • Continue with “System
  • Choose the “Languages and input” item and then “Virtual keyboard” 
  • Click on “Gboard
  • Open the “Text Correction” options
  • Deactivate the toggle to the right of “Auto Shift”.
  • From now on, every time you use the Gboard to type text, you’ll have to manually request a capital letter. Repeating the same steps and enabling “Auto-capture” will return the autocorrect settings to the default.

Remove automatic capitalization on Samsung

Samsung’s devices offer a different keyboard than Google’s stock one as standard, and because of that, the settings will look different from those seen above. However, they will not be difficult to configure at all.

  1. Open the “Settings” app on your Samsung device
  2. Under the “General Management” section, click on “Language and Input”
  3. Continue to “On-Screen Keyboard” and then to “Samsung Keyboard” 
  4. Click on “Smart Input” and disable the toggle to the right of “Auto Shift”.
  5. In case you use the Google keyboard instead, we remind you that the procedure to follow will be the one described above in the more general section.

Remove automatic capitalization on Huawei

As you surely know, Huawei no longer has access to Google services and consequently, does not have the privileges given by the Gboard. Therefore, the Chinese company decided to find an alternative, opting for the equally popular and famous SwiftKey, now owned by Microsoft.

  • Open the “Settings” app on your Huawei device
  • Click on “System
  • Continue to “Language and Input” and then to “SwiftKey Keyboard”
  • Choose “Typing” and disable the toggle to the right of “Auto-Shift Initial”
  • Obviously, even in this specific situation, the steps will be different from the others, but they might even change further if you decide to use a third-party keyboard. If this is the case, then we suggest you visit the settings of the downloaded keyboard to locate the options related to auto-correction.
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