How To Set Up Waze On Android Auto | Easy Guide

See how to set up Waze on Android Auto for all of your commuting needs.

Waze has become one of the best applications for navigation and travel in vehicles on the road. If you want to start using this platform we explain step by step how to set up Waze on Android Auto.

With 140 million users Waze has become one of the most popular applications for driving. The secret of its success comes from the community of users who are the ones who provide real-time incidents that occur on the roads.

If you want to start using Waze on Android Auto, but do not know where to start we show you how to configure Waze on Android Auto easily. Remember that you must meet some minimum requirements that we also specify below.

Before knowing how to configure Waze on Android Auto, you should know that this platform will allow you to interact in your vehicle by search or voice command, but you can not update the settings, or use social applications or chat with other wazers to avoid situations of absent-mindedness at the wheel.

Now we are going to explain how to configure Waze on Android Auto. You must prepare your phone with the latest version of Waze and check that your car is compatible with Android Auto by clicking here.  Then the first thing you need to do is to connect your mobile device with the Waze app to the vehicle via USB cable. Then on your phone select the Waze app.

Then you have to say “Ok Google” or click on the microphone icon that appears on the platform to get started. Then tell Waze where you want to go, say the street, the number and the city it belongs to. If several locations are shown, choose the correct one and press start so that the application begins to give you the relevant indications.

Why Does Waze Crashes On Android Auto

If you already know how to set up Waze on Android Auto, but it’s not working properly, you might be wondering why Waze crashes on Android Auto. We explain what might be happening.

The first cause of Waze crashing on Android Auto, may be related to the versions of both Waze and Android apps. If the platform has crashed, check that these versions are not old. You must have the latest version of both apps to avoid this type of problem.

Another cause of Waze blocking in Android Auto has to do with battery saving. If you have enabled battery-saving mode on your phone, it may be causing Waze to crash. Disable it and check if the GPS is working normally again.

How To Make Waze Warn Of Speed Cameras In Android Auto

If in addition to knowing how to configure Waze in Android Auto, you need to know how to make Waze warn of radars in Android Auto, follow the instructions that we show you below.

The first thing you should do is open the app and click on “My Waze”. Then click on the gear icon to enter “Settings” and then click on “Alerts and warnings”. Now click again on “Alerts” and then on “speed cameras”. Finally, you must activate the “warn while driving” option by moving the controller to the right.

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