How To Know How Many Plays A Song Has On Spotify

Curious to know if your favorite song is getting hits on the platforms? We show you how to know how many plays a song has on Spotify.

If you’re a fan of an artist or band, you’re sure to be happy about their hits. And to find out if their latest release is taking them by storm, you might be interested in how to find out how many plays a song has on Spotify.

If the song whose number of plays you want to know is one of the most popular, you have it pretty easy. Simply search for the artist in question in the Spotify search engine. There you can go to their profile, where you will find a list of the 5 most popular tracks. And next to each of them you can see the number of times that song has been played.

The songs that we can find in that list vary frequently, since they are not the most popular of all times, but the ones that have been played the most times in the last weeks. Therefore, if you are looking for a trending song you will find it there.

Spotify Play Counter

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Even if the song you like is not one of the artist’s most popular songs, you may want to access the Spotify play counter.

This counter is not available in the mobile app, but only in the desktop application. In order to see the number of plays of a song, you simply need to access the album it is on. In the album tracklist, next to the title of each song, you will find the number of times it has been played. This number is updated daily, so it may take a while to see the changes.

The number only appears when the song reaches 1000 plays, so for very alternative music you may not be able to find it.

How To See An Artist’s Streams On Spotify

It is possible that what you are interested in is not simply to know the success that a particular song is having, but to know how many people usually listen to your favorite singer or band. And in that case you may have wondered how to see the streams on Spotify of an artist. The reality is that, unless you’re the artist themselves and have a special account, Spotify doesn’t offer this information. There is no place where you can see the number of streams a particular artist has had.

What you can look at is the number of monthly listeners, that is, the number of individual people who have listened to your favorite singer in the last month. To do this, you only have to enter his or her profile, which you can do by searching for his or her name in the search engine. Next to the name you will see the number of listeners he/she has had in the last month.

How To Find Out Which Songs You Have Listened To The Most On Spotify

You may simply be curious about your own listening habits. And you may wonder how to find out which songs you’ve listened to the most on Spotify. The platform itself doesn’t provide you with this information directly, but there are ways to find out.

One of the most interesting is through Audio Habits. On this website, you will simply have to log in with your Spotify account and you will be able to see which artists and songs you have listened to the most in the last 4 weeks, the last 6 months or the last few years. This way, you can be a little more aware of your own tastes.

You can also get an idea through the On Loop playlist, which Spotify automatically creates with the songs you listen to most often.

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