Activate or deactivate the secure mode of Android

Whenever a malfunction is triggered automatically or manually, Android’s secure mode helps you to solve problems while protecting your mobile. Learn how to Activate or deactivate the secure mode of Android in the event of a malfunction!

Note: the secure mode does not only work automatically: you can also activate it manually whenever you want, Whether when you detect abnormal behavior or a bug or when the problem is resolved.  

How to remove a malicious application in safe mode?

The secure mode of Android is precisely intended so that you can intervene on a disobedient application that refuses to be uninstalled in normal times.

  • If your phone went into secure mode suddenly after installing and using a new application, it is the one responsible for the malfunction. Find the culprit among recently installed apps. If you’ve downloaded a lot of them, open Google PlayStore.
  • Tap the three lines on the top left in the google play store, and from the menu that appears, choose My games & apps
  • Tap the Installed Column at the top center.
  • The applications installed on the device are listed in alphabetical order. Tap the three dashes which appear next to On this device line and choose Last used. Identify the app that could pose a problem and press it once.
  • On the screen that appears, press the Uninstall. To remove it.
  • Note: it is not possible to delete the apps installed by default on your mobile.

How to get out of secure mode In Android?

Have you removed the apps that might be causing problems on your Smartphone? Now Its time to deactivate the secure mode of the device to be able to use it normally.

With a classic reboot

  • Press the power button on your device for a few seconds. Then press the Restart button that appears on your mobile screen. Your mobile will restart normally. If no problem is detected, it will not go into a secure mode and you will regain access to all your apps.

With a forced restart

  • If after a classic restart your smartphone still displays secure mode, two cases may arise: either the application responsible for the Android malfunction is still present – in this case, go hunting again to remove it – or the standard restart was not enough. In this case, long-press the power button of your smartphone (more than ten seconds). The screen will turn off, then your mobile will restart on its own after a few seconds.
  • If this does not work, start over by pressing and holding the Volume down + power keys. The mobile will restart automatically.

How to activate secure mode in android?

You can even activate the secure mode of Android on your smartphone. It can be useful for uninstalling a malicious app that is disobedient to uninstall. For this, several methods are needed to be tried. They vary depending on the model and manufacturer of the device.

The standard method

  • This method works with most devices. Long press the power button until you see shutdown and restart options.
  • Press the on-screen Power off button for at least three seconds until a new menu appears. Follow the instructions on the screen.

The alternative method

  • If the standard method does not work with all models. It is sometimes necessary to manipulate several buttons in the smartphone. Turn off the device then press the volume up or down button at the same time as the power button. Keep pressing until the smartphone starts. It may also need to select then the option Safe Mode or update Mode in a menu displayed on the screen.
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