Where to download the latest version of Chromium for PC? – Improve privacy

For those of us who are computer users, whether it is a desktop or laptop or we own a cell phone chromium , the advantage of having a browser to help us surf the internet and do other things is very important.

That is why having a browser and thus having the privilege of viewing web pages, viewing and downloading documents that we need will make this task easier. That is why many people wonder which one could be the best, but here we will talk about a browser that not many people know that has many functions and it is Chromium.

On which operating systems can Chromium be installed?

Chromium is a browser that has an open source code that will help us, if you are a programmer and curious, to develop web browsers with this base. But this does not cease to be in itself, a browser like Chrome. In fact these two are similar but not the same, the difference is that Google took from Chromium its code to make Chrome.

But as we said before, Chromium is still a normal browser with which you can be connected to the Internet so you can download it normally as a common browser, either for Windows, Mac or Linux and make use of this normal browser.

Windows, Mac, and Linux

If you want to see and visualize for yourself how is this open source browser that helped to improve and created other browsers you can download it for free, either for Windows, Mac or Linux operating system, Chromium is available for all of them.

But to download this browser for any operating system you have you can enter the official website of Chromium and from there you can download the appropriate version for your operating system.

But keep in mind that this will not run as a normal program to install, for this you will have to unzip the file after downloading it and you will get a folder with the browser run it and wait a moment for it to open.

How to unzip the Chromium portable?

After downloading Chromium for the system you are using, you will get a file that you will have to unzip. For this you will have to right click on it and then extract or unzip it, already inside the folder you will see the browser that can be portable to other computers in an easy way.

You can see that for this browser it is not a big deal to be installed, unlike others that are usually very slow for this process. Both the process of downloading and being uninstalled and removed from the computer can be easy and very simple.

Is it possible to update Chromium automatically?

For those who use computers where it is more common to use browsers to be on the Internet, it is important to have the browser always updated and in its latest version so as not to have compatibility problems with pages that sometimes need a recent version of it.

But if you have Chromium as a browser, then the way to update it will be manually, although browsers such as Chrome can do it, this one can not, although it is a very tedious process it will be better to be aware of what we are doing and what terms we are accepting.

What is the biggest advantage of Chromium?

All browsers have something that identifies them, the biggest feature of Chromium is that being an open source browser can be improved as well as Chrome, vivaldi, Opera, Safari or Firefox are examples of this.

But there is not only the one we just mentioned, it is an advantage, one of these is that being a legitimate program has support for Google and thus being able to access all the large number of extensions that the Google Chrome store has benefits us if we want to use this browser.


For Chromium the privacy issue varies and is very complicated as it is an open source browser with which you can make many modifications and can be used for malicious and not so beneficial reasons. That is why it is good to know which are the legitimate web browsers with good protection.

But for this it would not stop being safe for you, because as well as it can be modified for non-beneficial purposes, you can enter its code and improve it so that it is the safest for you and your privacy.

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