How to resize your folders in Windows to see them better?

Learn how to resize your folders in Windows. The power to modify your computer is the best thing there is, since you can visualize and configure the options that can be more in your favor and give a better personality to your computer to make it easier to use.

It is reasonable to want to customize your computer and more if you tend to strain your eyes to visualize the icons and be able to find them on the screen. For that we leave you this guide with the best recommendations to increase the size of these icons.

What should you take into account if you change the size of the folders in Windows?

It is a fact that the customization is different per user and that is where we distinguish ourselves as human beings and shows what are the tastes of each one at the time of seeing options of themes for our computer. The most recommendable thing is that the icons are of a comfortable size for the vision.

More when you change the sizes of the icons in your Windows computer that have different color themes for the windows and size adjustment for the icons that are presented. Thanks to this you will be able to benefit, of course, that you must take into account your needs for these changes and that is when you will start to make them.

You must take into account that if you suffer from seeing the screen with small icons, you must increase their size in order not to suffer from a visual problem in the future. But if the opposite happens to you, you don’t like the big icons and they bother you, then try to reduce them with the settings in order to see them well.   

How to change the size of the icons in Windows 10?

Windows has always had options to change the size of the icons that helps us if we have visual problems or we do not like the way our screens look, whether it is color, size or other characteristics. That is why we like this option

But if what you want is to change the size of the icons wherever you are located the easiest option is to use the ‘Control’ key on the keyboard and using the mouse wheel you can increase the size. But here are some other options

Right-clicking on a free area of the desktop

The first option that we will give you to adjust the size of the icons is to right click on a free area of the desktop, in case you want to adjust the size of these icons, and in the options tab that will appear we will click on ‘View’ and it is there where you can adjust the size to Large, Small or Medium.

Inside the file explorer

If now what you want is to adjust the size of the icons that are inside the Windows file explorer it is even easier since this option is already in the superior bar being the menu of the window that appears when this one is opened.

With this option we can adjust the icons in a particular way either very large icons or icons with details. This last one will give you to show the properties that this folder has, like its size (the Gigas that this one has), the type of file that it is, its last modification among other details.

From the taskbar

We also have the possibility of changing the size from the Windows taskbar, to enter in its options we will have to give him right click and then in the ‘configurations of the taskbar’ we will give him click. Already here inside we will see the option of ‘Use small taskbar buttons’ in order to adjust the size of these.

But if we do not get into the option to personalize in case we want to make a configuration more to your personal just as they can be the color of the taskbar and the windows, size of the icons, desktop background or downloaded themes to modify the style of this one.

To select a specific scale

Within the Display Settings option we will be able to modify certain things of the computer, but we will go more focused to the ‘Scale and Layout’ option and there we will see the option to ‘Change the size of the text, applications and other elements’.  

Here we will go to ‘Advanced Scale Settings’, and here we will have to enter a size between 100 and 500 percent in order to define the size we want for the text or icons.

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