Why Does My TikTok Keep Resetting? Here’s The Fix

Find out why does my TikTok keep resetting here. Have you been having issues with TikTok refreshing and leaving your last viewed page when you leave the app? Let’s look at why this happens and some possible fixes to the issue.

TikTok has a For You page that is custom designed for each of its users. The algorithms within the app can see which videos you are watching, which ones you like, and which ones you don’t like.

TikTok will formulate a For You Page page that gives you options it thinks you will enjoy based on your previous views.

However, this feature has not been working well for some users as it will reset as though showing for a brand new user.

The reason TikTok keeps resetting and restarting is that it thinks you want to see new videos on your FYP. You will need to check your settings so that TikTok doesn’t keep resetting.

The reason you may not want the TikTok For You Page to keep resetting is that you don’t want to lose videos that you were just watching.

Some users have reported a frustrating experience with the app and find that it continually resets and refreshes after leaving the app for any amount of time.

In this article, I will be talking about how to stop the TikTok app from resetting and restarting all the time. There are a few steps you could take.


Why Does My TikTok Keep Resetting and Restarting

The reason TikTok keeps resetting is that it just thinks that you want to see a refreshed For You Page. This was how the algorithm was designed.

If you leave the app for too long TikTok would think that you aren’t interested in whatever is on the for you page since you left and haven’t been on the app for a while so it would restart to give you a new one.

Another reason TikTok may keep restarting is that you have Background App Refresh on. What this does is it refreshes an app while you aren’t on the app.


TikTok Refreshes Every Time I Open it

To stop this from happening I would stop leaving TikTok so often if you don’t intend on leaving the app for too long. When you leave the app for too long then TikTok would think you’re not interested.

If you know you’re only going to leave for like 5 minutes then I would just stay on the app and lock your phone until you’re done with whatever you’re doing.


Don’t Leave the App For Too Long

Another tip to try and resolve the issue of constant resetting is to ensure that you are not leaving the TikTok app for too long. Leaving the app idol will potentially cause the app to refresh and start over.

If I were you I would expect that TikTok would restart when I leave the app for too long.

Always keep it in the back of your head that if you are not on the app for a while then the for you page will reset and you will be able to see the video you were just watching.

If you really don’t want to lose the video you were just watching then save that last video you know you will watch for a while so you know you can go back to it.

Another thing is that if you are on the app for too long then TikTok will be inclined to reset because there is only so much scrolling you can do until TikTok starts showing you what you don’t want to see.

So when you leave the app this will give the app a chance to reset the For You Page.


How to Find a TikTok Video After Refreshing

To find a TikTok video you lost after it refreshes you will need to open the app and go into the search panel. Once you’re in the search bar put the asterisks into the search bar.

Once you have done this click on the filter so a menu shows up. Swipe up on watched videos and click on apply. Here you will be able to see the videos you have just watched.

They may not be in order be you may need to scroll a bit the find the video you were just watching.

Keep in mind that if you are interested in a video and you don’t really want to lose it then you will need save it so if the app does reset then you will not lose the video that you wanted.


Turn off Background App Refresh

The first step to try and resolve this issue is by going into your phone settings and turning off the background app refresh.

On an iPhone or iPad, first, click on Settings. Tap General. Tap Background App Refresh. Here is where you can manually choose which apps you want background app refresh turned on for.

Toggle the button for TikTok to turn it off. If you have an Android phone, the process is simple as well. From the home page, pull down the notification bar for Settings.

Tap the gear symbol. Once in Settings, tap Connections, then Data Usage. Select Mobile Data Usage in the Mobile section.

Select the TikTok app from below the usage graph and tap Allow background data usage to turn it off. Doing this simple step may help solve your issue and it will also help save your battery life.


TikTok is Glitching

TikTok can glitch. It’s an application like any other therefore, there can be issues from time to time that cause the app to keep resetting.

If you suspect that the TikTok app is glitching, close the application completely. Consider restarting your phone and opening the application again.

The TikTok application may also be down for maintenance. Wait some time and check it again.

The reason TikTok may keep glitching or resetting is because of how much storage it takes up. If an app uses up a lot of space then it will slow down.

This also goes the same for when too many people use an app. When too many people use an app it also slows it down and can cause it to glitch.


Change TikTok Password

If the fix above does not work for your TikTok refresh problem, the next thing to try would be resetting the password for your TikTok account.

There is a chance that someone else may be logged into your account and causing the issue of the constant resetting.

By changing your password, you can ensure that no one else is navigating into your TikTok profile and reset your last seen spot.

When someone is logged into your TikTok account you may not know and the only way to log them out is to probably to change your account.

To change your TikTok account you will need to open the TikTok app and then go onto your profile. From here you will need to go into settings and click on security.

tiktok profile

From here choose a password that you have never used before. Now you should be able to be sure that someone isn’t logged into your account.

If the app is still restarting then go on to the next solution which is restarting the app.


Restart TikTok

Whenever TikTok resets the immediate thing that comes to thought is to close the app which is what a force start is.

Force starting TikTok will get rid of any temporary software glitches I was talking about. This goes the same with malfunctions.

To force close the app on your iPhone you should double-tap your home button until you see apps pop up. Now swipe up on TikTok.

If you don’t have a home button on your iPhone then swipe up from the bottom and follow the steps above. If you’re on a newer iPhone model then just swipe up from the bottom.

how to force start an app

If you’re on an Android phone like a Samsung then just go into settings and look for App, find the TikTok then hit force close.

You can also quickly do this by just pressing the left option on the bottom of your Samsung. This will bring up all the apps.

Once you are done go back on the app and check if TikTok keeps restarting. If not then go on to the next solution.


Restart Your Device

If you are on an iPhone, iPad Samsung, or any other Android device then you would want to restart it. By restarting it, you are preventing any temporary software issue to occur on your device.

Once you have restarted your device then this should fix the resetting problem. Wait for a couple of hours and keep going off and on TikTok and see if it stays on the same video

If you are on an iOS phone then you would want to hold on to the power button located on the top or right-hand side of your device.

Hold this until you see a slider saying ‘Slide to Turn Off’. In this case, you would want to slide the slider to the right to turn it Off. Now Hold the power button to turn it back on.

On newer Apple devices you would need to hold the volume up and power button for three seconds.

If you are on an Android device then you would want to press hard on the power button until your device has turned off. Once turned Off you would want to turn it back on.

Once your device is turned back on you would want to go on the TikTok app and see if you can stay on the same video when you leave the app and go on the app.


Reinstall TikTok

Some users have found deleting and reinstalling the app is a good way to get your TikTok to stop resetting however this doesn’t work for everyone. But it is worth the try as you won’t lose anything from reinstalling the TikTok app.

You can try deleting the TikTok app and see if that will make a difference with your TikTok For You Page.

When you delete and redownload an app it can fix a lot of temporary problems. This is because it sometimes clears the cache of the app which I already explained above.

The main reason I’m asking you to delete it is so that any glitches get removed from the app. You can clear the cache without deleting the app but I would prefer if you just deleted it as this would get more troubleshooting done.

Remember that doing this does not delete anything on your account. So no videos will be deleted.

To delete an app on the iPhone all you have to do is press down hard on it for 2 seconds until all your apps start shaking.

When your apps start shaking you should press the cross and click on delete to confirm.

If you’re on an android phone then you can do this in settings by scrolling down to apps and deleting the TikTok app. Once you have deleted it just go into your app or play store and download TikTok again.


Check Your Internet Connection

Your internet connection could be the main culprit of why the For You Page keeps resetting. If you know you have an unstable internet connection then you will have to take action.

The reason a bad internet connection causes TikTok to restart is that the software and algorithm will temporarily shut down the TikTok app when the internet connection is bad and then restarts it once it’s good.

So if it is stable then you will not have the problem anymore.

I would start by checking if the Wi-Fi icon is still at the top of your screen. If not then it was your Wi-Fi connection.

Head over into the settings app and toggle Off and on your Wi-Fi. Once you have done this, check if it did the trick.

You can do all this in the control panel of your iPhone by swiping up from the bottom or top right corner depending on your iPhone. This can be done in the settings on an Android phone.

airplane mode, wifi and cellular data

Data is usually more stable than Wi-Fi, so it won’t surprise me if this method could do the trick. You can also try going to different locations wherever you are until you have close to full bars.

Similar to what I mentioned above, you may want to head over to settings and find where your data is enabled.

Turn this data on and turn off your Wi-Fi. Remember that if the app is down, changing your connection won’t affect a thing.

Check if this works by heading over to the TikTok app and checking if the For You Page keeps changing.



It’s fair to say that there may be a chance some of the tips I have given you today may not work resulting in you contacting TikTok themselves.

However, I suggest you try your best to fix this issue on your own as it is usually just a quick fix. A really simple way to solve it is to just turn off Background App Refresh.

If it is an account issue then you will need to go to contact TikTok but you won’t know that for sure unless they tell you so try everything you can first before you come to other conclusions.

Remember that you should not leave the TikTok app for too long unless TikTok will decide to just restart the app for no reason.

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