How to schedule a TikTok video in 2024

Learning how to schedule a TikTok video can be useful to get them published at a time when they can have more audience.

If you want your videos to have a greater reach, it is interesting that they are published at a time when they can have more audience. And to avoid having to be aware of this, it can be important to learn how to schedule a TikTok video. It is an option that does not appear in TikTok, but you can do it via third-party applications.

One of the most interesting is CrowdFire. This tool has both a free version and a paid version if you are going to make more than 10 publications at the same time. In addition to allowing you to schedule your content, it also offers research options to find out what kind of content your audience likes the most. In addition, it will not only allow you to schedule videos on TikTok, but also different types of content on other social networks.

Another interesting option to learn how to schedule a TikTok video is SocialPilot. It is a fairly complete tool for scheduling content on any social network, but it has the disadvantage that it is paid. That said, it has a 14-day trial period without the need to enter your credit card, so you can see if it’s what you need before spending money.

What are the best times to post on TikTok?

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To schedule your videos to affect a larger audience, it’s important to know the best times to post on TikTok. Normally, the best times are those when there are usually more people connected to the platform.

In principle, we could say that the ideal times to publish your TikTok videos are between 11 am and 5 pm. This way, users will always have your videos available when they open the app.

Of course, when scheduling, you should consider whether you are going to focus on getting an audience in your country or if you want to have an international audience. If you are in the second case, you must take into account the time difference. Ideally, you should alternate your posts for peak viewing times in the countries you are targeting.

How many videos should I upload to TikTok to become famous?

Another question that many users who want to professionalize their use of TikTok ask themselves is how many videos should I upload to TikTok to become famous. If you want to have a significant audience, ideally you should post about two or three times a day. Also, it is recommended that you don’t post all your videos at the same time, but post one video in the morning, one in the afternoon, and others in the evening to be active all day long.

In the end, it’s about finding a balance between offering frequent content so that they don’t forget about you and not being too heavy for your followers. But also keep in mind that there is a random component to success on TikTok. It is possible that you make a detailed strategy and do not get too many views, while others reach fame with a single video. In the end, it is the content of the videos rather than the strategy that interests the followers.

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