How To Put A Tiktok In Whatsapp Statuses

Learn how to put a Tiktok in Whatsapp statuses. Discover how to put a TikTok in WhatsApp statuses so that none of your contacts miss the best videos of this social network.

Some tiktoks are real hidden gems that we want to share with our closest contacts, so we are going to detail how to put a TikTok in WhatsApp statuses so that your friends and family can see enjoy those videos that have impacted you so much.

To post a tiktok in your WhatsApp status, you just have to enter the application and press the icon with an arrow that you will find on the right side of your screen. A menu will then appear with the applications in which you can share it and choose ‘WhatsApp Status’.

This will open your WhatsApp application and you just have to click on ‘My status’ to publish it with the extra effects you want to add and make it available to all your friends and acquaintances.

How To Send A Tiktok On Whatsapp

Maybe sharing it in your status can be excessive, since even the electrician you added to your contact list could see it. For this and many other reasons it is useful to know how to send a TikTok by WhatsApp to a specific contact.

The process is practically the same, we choose the tiktok we want to pass, click on the arrow to share, but this time we choose the icon that simply says ‘WhatsApp’. There we can choose the contact to whom we want to send our video without the need for everyone in your address book to know about it.

How To Share A Tiktok Draft By Whatsapp

Another possibility that we can find is that we have recorded a tiktok but we are not sure of its success once published, so it is interesting to discover how to share a draft of TikTok by WhatsApp. In this way we can send it to a trusted contact to take a look at it and suggest whether it is ready to publish or if it can be improved in some way.

The process to share a TikTok draft via WhatsApp is slightly more cumbersome than sharing videos already published. We enter the application and in the bottom menu we click on ‘Me’ to access our videos. There we will see on the left side our saved drafts. We click and select the video we want to share and the ‘Publish’ window will appear.

As we don’t want that tiktok to come to light, we choose in the ‘Who can see this video’ section the option ‘Only me’, at the same time we make sure that the ‘Save to device’ tab is activated in green. We click on ‘Publish’ (having restricted its scope no one will be able to see it) and again in the ‘Me’ menu we click on the icon with the padlock that we find on the right side.

Our video will be there, published but private and no one can access it. We enter it and we will see that at the bottom we have the possibility to choose ‘Save video’. In this way the tiktok will be downloaded to our device and we will have it available in the video gallery.

Once downloaded, we just have to go to its location and share it to send it to our WhatsApp contact. As you can see, it is a fairly complex process and at times complicated, but you can send a draft of TikTok not only to WhatsApp, but to any other application, since having it on our mobile there is no limitation to send it wherever we want.

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