How to put in TikTok ask me a question

Find out how to ask me a question on TikTok, the new feature available to all users to interact with your audience.

Creating a relationship of complicity with followers is crucial in any social network, so it is quite natural that many tiktokers wonder how to put on TikTok ask me a question, a feature that allows the community to send their doubts and concerns to better know the content creators.

For a while, the ‘Ask me a question’ feature was reserved for a privileged few, namely those who were over 18 years old, had more than 10,000 followers and at least 10,000 views in the last 30 days, requirements that deprived the vast majority of TikTok users of being able to use this tool.

Fortunately, TikTok is evolving to be a social network where everyone has the same possibilities, so this tool is now integrated so that even newly created profiles can use it whenever they want.

How to activate ask me a question on tiktok

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Having clarified that this feature is for everyone, let’s detail how to activate ask me a question in TikTok. The first thing we have to do when we enter the application is to click on the ‘Me’ button, which we find at the bottom right of our screen. Then, we deploy the main menu by pressing the icon with the three dots at the top right.

We access ‘Creator Tools’ and then select ‘Questions and Answers. This will take us to a screen where the application will explain what the function consists of, reminding you that if you activate it and use it, the content will be public and will be visible to all users. Click on the ‘Activate Questions and Answers’ button below and it will be incorporated into your profile.

To make sure we have done the process correctly, click on ‘Me’ again to see our profile information. If you see that ‘Questions and answers’ appear just below your profile description in red letters, it means that any of your followers can send you questions for you to answer in a video and thus gain a little more feedback from your community.

In case you don’t find this new feature in your app, make sure you have downloaded the latest version of TikTok, as it is likely that you are using an old one that still needs to meet the above requirements to activate it.

Users will be able to send their questions not only in text format but also in the video. If they opt for this format, you will be able to answer them with another video that will be linked to the original one. If the question has been sent in text, it will appear in your video as a sticker so that other followers know what you are answering.

This function is also available for live broadcasts, so if your account meets the requirements for this type of publication, you can also take advantage of it to organize a live question and answer session, one of the formats that work best on this social network and that will undoubtedly attract many new followers to see how you interact with your community.

How to deactivate questions and answers in tiktok

If after trying it out you decide that this tool is not your thing, don’t worry. If you go back to the screen where you activated ‘Questions and Answers you will find that the button that used to say ‘activate’ will now offer you the option to ‘Deactivate Questions and Answers’, which will return your profile to its original state without further complications.

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