Why Spotify pauses by itself

If you want to know why Spotify pauses by itself and won’t let you listen to your favorite songs, we show you the reasons and possible solutions.

It’s possible that it’s happened to you more than once. You’re listening to your favorite music and suddenly it stops playing. What could be the reason? Why does Spotify pause itself? The reality is that it’s a problem that can have many different causes. Being a cross-platform tool, depending on where you are using it the solution may be one or another.

The first thing you should be clear about is whether you have a good Internet connection. Keep in mind that, unless you have a Premium account and you have downloaded a playlist, in principle, you cannot listen to music on Spotify unless you have an Internet connection. Therefore, the most common reason why your favorite song may have suddenly paused is that you have had a connection outage that has prevented it.

To make sure of this, the easiest thing to do is to try to do something else on the Internet from the device on which you are listening to music. If you see that the network is working perfectly for everything else, it is clear that the problem lies elsewhere. And the different problems that will make you wonder why Spotify pauses can only depend on the device you are using.

Spotify pauses only on pc

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If you have encountered Spotify pausing on PC only and it’s not a connection problem, we recommend that you check if you have a software update pending. When using a very old version of the program it is easier to get a bug.

You should also keep in mind that you can only use your Spotify account on one device. Therefore, if someone else starts playing music on a different device, whatever you are listening to on your PC will be paused. If you have not given access to your account to anyone else be careful because we could be talking about a hack.

In case you see that someone is accessing your Spotify account without your permission, just contact the company via their chat service. They are usually pretty quick to fix this kind of problem, and if this is the cause of the problem why Spotify pauses itself although it may seem like a headache it will be solved quickly. It is a problem that occurs more often in Premium accounts, as it would not make too much sense to hack a free account.

Spotify pauses on iPhone and Android only

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If your problem is that Spotify pauses only on iPhone and Android, the problem may be similar to what we find on PC. That is, it is possible that it is a failure in your Internet connection or that someone is logging into your account from another site. And if it is a problem with the application, it is also possible that it can be solved simply by updating to the latest version.

But before reaching these solutions, we recommend that you also try clearing the application’s cache. To do this, go to Applications>Spotify>Storage>Clear Cache. These cache problems tend to occur more often when we have little free storage space on our devices. Therefore, we recommend that you take the opportunity to do some cleaning and delete those files you have on your smartphone and do not use.

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