Why Spotify does not play some songs

Can’t listen to some songs or playlists on Spotify? Here’s what’s happening

Spotify is one of the most popular applications for listening to music via streaming. Its catalog of songs includes more than 60 million songs available for all users. But sometimes if we are using the application we will realize that there are some of these songs that do not play. What is the reason? Why Spotify does not play some songs?

This music application has an extensive music library where users choose the songs to listen to. If you have playlists with your favorite songs it has been possible that some of those tracks that you listened to until recently one day are not available.

When this happens, the song is displayed in a gray tone different from the rest of the songs that can be listened to normally. When the music player gets to those songs it skips them, it does not play them.

The reason that these songs cannot be listened to is that they are not available in the catalog of the country where the user account is registered. The music tracks vary depending on the agreements and licenses with the record companies and the rights sometimes change owners.

Spotify does not play new tracks

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If you are up to date with all the new music releases and have gone to search the Spotify catalog for a new track, but the music application does not play it, here are the reasons why this is happening.

The first cause that can lead to this is that Spotify has not reached an agreement with the artist and therefore can not include the track in the application. It may also happen that you have another contract in force that is incompatible with Spotify.

Unlock tracks on Spotify

If you have created a playlist and you see that it does not have as many songs as at first, the main reason is that they are blocked by those that can not be played. If you want to unlock songs in Spotify to see them in the playlist we tell you how to do it easily and quickly.

Open the Spotify app on your mobile device and press “home” which has a house icon. Then click on the cogwheel at the top right of the screen to enter the application settings and go to the “playback” tab.

On devices with the Android system, you will have to activate the option “Show unplayable songs.” If you have a mobile with iOS you have to deactivate the option “Hide unplayable songs”.

Why Spotify won’t play my playlist

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Spotify has more than 4,000 playlists arranged in the application. You can distinguish three types of playlists, those that are personalized lists created based on the musical preferences of users; editorial lists, created by the Spotify team formed by specialists in musical styles from all over the world and finally the listener lists that are made by fans.

If you are one of those who have several personalized playlists in Spotify or you follow one created by the company and at some point, you have had problems and have not been able to listen to it you should know what happened.

One of the main reasons why a playlist does not play is because there is no good internet connection. When this happens you only hear ten seconds of a song in the playlist and then it cuts off. It can also happen that some of the songs are not available and therefore the playlist does not play correctly.

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