How to download music on Spotify | Easy method

Learning how to download music on Spotify can be very interesting when you want to listen to your favorite songs without an Internet connection.

Spotify has almost endless possibilities for listening to music, but it uses an Internet connection. And as we do not always have a WiFi network available or we want to spend our Megas, you may have ever wondered how to download music on Spotify. And this is something that is very simple for those who have a Premium account.

To download a song, an album, or a playlist, you simply have to search for it in the search engine of the mobile application. Then, you will have to slide the download button that you will find next to the title. In a matter of seconds or minutes (depending on your connection speed or the size of the playlist) you will have the songs you want to be downloaded to your phone, so you can listen to them whenever you want.

By default, Spotify will only download music when your phone is connected to a WiFi network, although you can change this option in the application settings. However, it is recommended that you download when you are connected to a wireless network, otherwise the cost in megabytes can be quite high.

Can you download music on Spotify for free?

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If you do not have a Premium account, you may have wondered if you can download music on Spotify for free. The answer is that it is not possible, at least not legally. The ability to download your music so you can listen to it when you don’t have an Internet connection is one of the differences between the free account and the paid account. Therefore, if you want to have at your disposal the possibility of downloading music easily you will have no choice but to pay

However, we have to say that there are programs that allow you to download songs directly from Spotify playlists for free. One of them is Spotydl. In this program, you can get all the songs from a Spotify playlist in mp3 by simply copying and pasting the address of the playlist.

Where to download songs from Spotify

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To choose where to download Spotify songs if you use Spotify Premium you will have to enter the application settings. There you can choose whether the songs you download will go to the phone’s internal memory or to the SD card. If you have a phone with little storage capacity or if you usually download very long playlists, we recommend that you opt for the latter option, so that you do not encounter memory problems.

The songs, playlists, or albums you have downloaded will appear in the Your Library section of the application. Therefore, there you can find everything you have stored in the memory of your smartphone, along with the songs you have saved even if you do not intend to download them. That section brings together all your saved music.

Remember that Spotify songs are not saved in MP3 format, so you will have to listen to them at all times through its own application.

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