Windows 11 online on a Test website for Free, No Signup

Try Windows 11 from a website on your browser, without installing anything, with a full demo

Windows 11 is coming, as a free upgrade from Windows 10, starting on October 5, 2021.

For those who want to see how it is without installing it and for those who do not trust and want to wait before installing it when the stable version will be released, there is a site that allows you to use Windows 11 directly online, without installation, without waiting, in a truly faithful to the original final version.

A software developer named BlueEdge has in fact developed an interactive website that allows you to run Windows 11 on your browser. This is unfortunately only a demo, but it’s already enough to try out the functionality of the new Start menu (even if it’s not fully functional), the desktop and the various configuration menus. On the site you can also launch some apps such as Edge, Notepad, Terminal, Spotify, VScode and the revamped Microsoft Store. File Explorer and the Settings menu don’t work, for the moment.

( Link of the Website given Below )

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To open Windows 11 on Chrome or Firefox or Edge browser, or even Safari on a Mac, simply go to

From a technical point of view, the site doesn’t load a virtual machine, but it’s really a freely-licensed web application (we’ll also see if it will resist to possible removal requests for copyright infringement), developed on the React platform, that works as a demo, good to get an idea of how Windows 11 will be.

While waiting for the official release of Windows 11, this is really the easiest way to try out Microsoft’s latest operating system.

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