How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Your Pc With Windows 10

Learn how to connect Bluetooth headphones to your PC with Windows 10. One of the almost essential devices in the pockets of any user is a headset. Gone are the years where smartphone manufacturers included in the box of their devices a pair of these sound accessories, as now more and more users are switching to wireless gadgets.

If you also want to connect your headphones to your computer via Bluetooth, it is very likely that you will be able to do so. We show you how to do it.

Test Bluetooth compatibility

In this day and age it is quite normal for a computer to have a lot of wireless connections on its board. WiFi is one of them, but the one that concerns us in these lines is a technology that has accompanied many users since the use of their cell phone: Bluetooth.

Its history dates back to 1989, but its use was not standardized until the 2000s when it began to be used in a multitude of devices, allowing wireless data transfer and improved detection of nearby devices.

This technology is extremely useful for connecting devices together for any purpose.

From linking peripherals to send files, to interconnect multiple controllers, you may have used it on more than one occasion not only in your computer or smartphone, but also in consoles with the emergence of new wireless controllers that only need a cable to charge the batteries inside.

But today it’s our turn to talk about a very specific topic and that is connecting Bluetooth headsets to your PC.

Have your devices ready

It seems like a no-brainer, but before any basic problems occur, check that your devices are working properly.

This is very simple to do, as you only need to turn them on to know that they are receiving power or that the batteries are working perfectly.

If this is not the case, check the power cables going to your PC, that the hardware is receiving power as well as that your headset is charged.

How to connect your Bluetooth headset to your PC

Let’s get to the purely practical part of this tutorial where we discuss how to connect your Bluetooth headset to your PC. The procedure if you have a Windows 10 or 11 device is as simple as following the path Start > Settings > Devices > Bluetooth to enter all the available settings.

Then, unsurprisingly, you need to turn this feature on to start searching for the headset. On the peripheral side, you just have to open the box where they are stored and automatically activate the wireless connection.

Back on your computer, with Bluetooth already turned on, you must start searching for the devices to start pairing.

From the new window you must select the audio devices you want to pair and in a matter of seconds, they will appear in your list of wirelessly connected devices and registered for a future quick start.

This you should keep in mind, and is that unless they stop working specifically, you just need to go to the notification center of Windows 10 and 11, activate the Bluetooth headphones to start using them whenever you want.

In case you have a bitten apple computer, just click on the Bluetooth status icon in the control center or in the menu bar and automatically link your devices, it’s that easy.

Of course, beware of prolonged use of both devices, as the battery drains faster the longer you use Bluetooth.

It is true that the headphones give you many hours of autonomy and, luckily, the manufacturers let you the case as a powerbank to charge them whenever and wherever you want to increase their lifespan.

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