How to recover my deleted administrator account? – Windows 10

When installing the Windows 10 operating system on our computer, it is essential to create an administrator account which will allow us to make the relevant changes that will affect other users of the system, that is, it will allow us to access and modify the actions to be performed within our operating system.

Sometimes special administrator permissions are required to carry out certain changes or configurations in our system, at software and even hardware level. So, if you have deleted this account and do not know how to recover it, today we will show you the existing methods and the way in which you can recover it.

What methods exist to recover your administrator account?

There are ways in which you can recover your administrator account, but it is important that before solving the problem you take into account certain considerations, you should verify the number of accounts on your computer and make sure the type of account you deleted, Microsoft account or local account.

One of the methods commonly used for this type of cases is the use of the command prompt in administrator mode, and the gpedit.msc or group policy editor.  Here are two solutions that can help you recover the administrator account.

Using the administrator ‘command prompt

It is a text-based program that has a graphical user interface that is used to execute the commands entered from the keyboard and thus perform different types of administrative functions in an advanced mode. So it is a safe method to recover or restore your account.

You can enter the Windows command prompt in different ways, either through the Windows search bar by entering the word ‘CMD’ or through the combination of the keys ‘Windows’ + ‘R’, where you must enter CMD in the bar to open programs.

From the Group Policy Editor

It is a powerful tool that allows you to make configurations in your machine or computer, with it you can modify those options of the system that are hidden or are not within reach of any user.

How to recover your accidentally deleted administrator account?

By deleting the administrator account you will no longer have superuser privileges, preventing you from making modifications or configuring the software or even the hardware of the computer. Therefore, you will not be able to modify the system as you wish. Here are the guidelines to follow to recover the administrator account of your machine.

With commands in CMD

You must access the command prompt (CMD) in administrator mode, once you have opened the command window, then you must perform the following steps:

  • Once you have run the CMD in administrator mode, you will need to run the following command: net user administrator /active:yes.
  • The integrated administrator account will be activated, you will have to change your standard account to local administrator account by running: net localgroup administrators user /add
  • You must create a new administrator account in order to disable the logged in account for security. You will need to go to: Start – Configuration – Accounts
  • Once the new account has been created, you must disable the previous account by executing the following via console: net user administrator /active:no And finally you will have access to an administrator account.

Recovering it from security options in group policies

You can make use of this administrative tool by using the keyboard shortcut, pressing the keys Windows + R, you must press the keys at the same time. A new ‘Run’ window will open, where you should type the word ‘gpedit.msc’ and select the ‘OK’ option, which will take you to the Policy Editor.

When you are in the Windows Policy Editor, you will need to access ‘Computer Configuration’. The ‘Windows Settings’ folder will open, then select the ‘Security Settings’ folder, then select the ‘Local Policies’ option and finally ‘Security Options’.

Being in the folder ‘Security Options’ you must select the option ‘Accounts: Administrator account status’.

If it appears as ‘Disabled’ you must double click on it, to finally change its option to ‘Enabled’ where you must accept the changes made to conclude with the configuration.

In case none of these methods work for you, you can reset your computer to make it work better so that the administrator account is restored to its initial state. For this you will have to go to ‘Start’ > ‘Settings’, being there you will have to select the ‘Update and security’ option and click on the ‘Recovery’ option.

You will have to select the option to begin, in the section of ‘Restore this PC’ and follow the steps that are indicated to you

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