Artificialintelligence in content creation: more than robots

The role of artificial intelligence in the writing industry is not limited to the content creation robots that have been talked about so much lately.

There are many other ways in which this technology supports one of the most profitable branches of marketing and, surely, you may have been benefiting from some of them for some time.

AI-Powered Content Marketing: Efficient Content Creation

Content creation gains in quality, agility, and efficiency. All thanks to artificial intelligence and applications such as the following:

Text editing

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Writers, especially non-native ones, may need extra help with the topic they’re working on

whether it’s an essay, blog post, or just an important email. Artificial intelligence can offer automatic editing and review functions.

All software vendors do their best to help writers by including smart proofing features in their tools.

These features detect spelling and grammar errors and correct them. More advanced AIs such as Creaite.

This tool  Creaite writes Perfectly Readable Content For YOU In ANY Major Niche In Under 90 seconds.

AI writing software

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The best AI software for writing content is Creaite. This program uses AI to detect vague phrases, language problems, and other issues that could reduce the quality of the content creation output.


Artificial intelligence is used in translating from one language to another so as not to just advance word by word.

In fact, the new tools can translate more accurately by phrase or sentence, through an AI system.

An example of this function that is of great help in creating content is Google Translate and Creaite .

which, in addition, allows translations of up to 5,000 characters to be carried out at once.

Research of themes

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Artificial intelligence helps copywriters conduct content research for a given topic.

You can get a report of new content published on specific websites or find specific keywords. It also makes it possible to monitor websites and receive a report with all important new information.

Plagiarism check

Algorithms based on artificial intelligence also help to verify plagiarism and detect plagiarized content.

Yoast, for example, uses a scoring system to check the quality of content, assesses the readability of its content, and can even offer smart summaries of long texts.

Some companies have incorporated Creaite for content creation, but despite being powered by machine learning, they will lack the human touch that achieves effective connection with the user. Until they learn and reach that level of writing prowess, humans can take advantage of artificial intelligence to do their jobs better.

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Check out Creaite Software

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