What is Dispo App – Explained | Review | Invite – 2024

if you use social media frequently you might know about this application named dispo it has been in the buzz since February 2021

As it got released in February 2021 and it has also been the fourth most downloaded app on the app store so

what’s this buzz all about?

who created this application and what this application is all about that’s what I’m going to answer to you in this blog

so guys the first question that I’m going to answer for you guys is that

who created dispo App?

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David dobrik yes the famous YouTuber has created this application he has worked for around two years to release this application and according to Axios this application has a worth of 200 million dollars now which is a crazy crazy amount

what is the meaning of this name dispo?

well dispo means a disposable camera, This application is basically a disposable camera

Drawbacks of dispo app

when you click a picture you cannot directly access the picture, you cannot directly see the picture or apply any filter to the picture

you need to wait till the next day, Next day at sharp you will receive a notification that your pictures are developed and you can take a look at them now  at the dispo app

but when the next day you see the pictures some turn out good some don’t turn out good, So I would prefer you to click multiple pictures so you can choose in between them because some might not turn out good

and you will have to delete them and then click more pictures and wait till the next day but it is also quite good to  keep as a memory

I’m still trying to figure out how this app works but I am telling you what I know about this dispo application

Dispo App Invite

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dispo is currently is an invite-only one but I waited  for like three days to get access to it because a lot of people are downloading the application and you have to be on the waiting list

I got in the application in three days but you can invite your friends because you get like around 20 invites so you can send the link to your friends and they will get direct access to the application

so if you want to download this application don’t download it directly ask your friends if they have joined dispo they will send you an invite and from that invite, you can get direct access to the application

and you won’t have to wait because the wait can be like three days or maybe a week as well because of the servers

How to use dispo app

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when you open the application you see the disposable camera’s viewfinder right in front of you

which you cannot open because it is just a small viewfinder and you can click from that only and then you got the flashlight

then you can switch between the cameras you can zoom in, zoom out and then you have to create roles to post pictures here like you can say playlist for pictures and you can name them as random fun or something like that so

I clicked some pictures and waited for a day or two for them to develop then I posted them out and some turned out to be good some didn’t turn out to be good so I deleted them

Then clicked again so yeah that’s how the application works

How Do Roles Work in dispo App?

you can also keep your roles private if you don’t want anybody to see

only your friends could see so you can do that as well and you can also post your pictures in some other people’s roles as well if you want to

Follow People in dispo App

you can also follow people here and people also can follow you

I’ve got like 30 uh followers in three days which is quite a good amount and yeah that’s how this application works for now it is quite simple to use and there is nothing to be more confused about

everybody gets to understand the application once they start using it regularly so that’s what I’m doing as soon as I get to know more about this application I will also post more about it till then

Have a nice day I hope you got some information from this blog consider hitting your views on the comment box as

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