Best NFT Marketplace | Where to Buy NFT in 2024 ( updated )

2022 is the year of NFTs. Non-fungible tokens have literally depopulated the web, giving rise to a never-before-seen phenomenon. Blockchain technology has allowed developers to create certificates of authenticity and uniqueness, changing the way we interpret the purchase of digital assets.

A series of marketplaces were born that allow us both to buy NFTs and, why not, to be able to sell the ones we own. Today we analyze together the best known and best NFT marketplaces that allow the buying and selling of NFT.


OpenSea is undoubtedly the most popular NFT exchange platform in the world, containing the widest variety of NFT available for any artist, collector or investor.

One of the great advantages offered by the OpenSea platform is the possibility to create and sell your own NFTs. If we decide to use OpenSea, we will be charged a one-time fee to be able to sell NFTs on the Ethereum network. However, there is the possibility of being able to avoid these fees through the use of the Polygon network, which, being internal to OpenSea, will allow us to be able to produce our own NFTs without paying any Gas fees.

If you want to start using OpenSea, you will first need to connect a wallet, such as Metamask. Then you will be able to use the platform in all its functions.

The creator of the NFT can also select a Royalty fee, up to a maximum of 10%, this is the commission that the creator will earn every time the NFT is resold. As well as choosing how many copies of the NFT will be created.


  • Wide range of NFTs
  • Fast and secure Polygon network


  • Gas fee on Ethereum network
  • Royalty present for a maximum of 10%


The Binance platform certainly doesn’t need any introduction. We are talking about the most famous exchange in the world, which allows users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies in total safety.

However, the great novelty of Binance, lies in the fact that, seeing the great potential of the NFT market, has decided to get involved, also offering a marketplace through which you can operate in the purchase and sale of non-fungible tokens. 

One of the advantages offered by Binance is intrinsic in the fact that it is a well known Exchange, in fact, many users are already registered to Binance and will not need to make new registrations to be able to trade NFT, favoring the immediacy of the process.

Also, we will not need to use a wallet like Metamask, as we can use Binance itself, which will allow us to be faster and save on commissions.


  • You have the possibility of operating on an exchange, with all the benefits that come with it
  • Optimized and easy-to-use interface
  • Cons
  • Less rich market than platforms such as OpenSea


As mentioned for OpenSea, Rarible is also powered by the Ethereum blockchain, with a similar operation. On Rarible you can create your own NFTs with not so modest fees, although there are still rumors of an update that should reduce them soon. 

Also in this case we will need a portfolio, like Metamask. Once in possession of Metamask we will be able to buy and create our NFTs.

The sale can be done either at a fixed price or through a bidding system. Also here there is a Royalty system, which consists of commissions that you can receive every time our NFTs are resold. The maximum Royalty commission is 30%.

Rarible takes a particular approach, thanks to its Community section that aims to appear similar to a social network, encouraging the exchange of information.


  • Fixed-price or bidding sales
  • Royalty up to 30%
  • Cons
  • Higher-than-average commissions


Finally, let’s talk about the NFT platform that runs on the Solana blockchain. Solana is a project that has come into the limelight in recent months. Investors are well aware of the great opportunity offered by this project, which, in order to keep up, has become fully part of the NFT market.

The goal of SolanaArt is to promote artists and creators who want to communicate their art, using Solana as an exchange currency.

SolanaArt is compatible only with the Sollet wallet, thanks to which it will be immediately possible to operate in buying and selling in a fast and secure way, with low commissions and very fast transaction times. SolanaArt charges a 3% commission for each transaction, a small price for the service offered.


  • Dedicated network that allows fast operations
  • Low commissions


All exchanges take place exclusively through Solana, reducing purchasing elasticity

Final considerations

We have seen what, to date, are the best marketplaces for buying and selling NFTs. When we talk about delicate topics like cryptocurrencies, it is of fundamental importance to rely on serious and recognized platforms. As the scams in the field are not lacking for sure.

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