Quant (QNT): Cryptocurrency, the Project, Future Predictions

Learn about Quant. Creating cross-network interactions, making digital tools that integrate with the real world and business operations, has led to the evolution of increasingly functional blockchain technologies. One example is Quant. Below we’re going to look at what it is, how it works, and the benefits of using this cryptocurrency.

What is Quant (QNT)

The term Quant identifies a project that is based on the creation of a blockchain developed to allow the connection of different networks. This means that through Quant it will be possible to exchange information and data even between blockchains that use different exchange protocols. A system that has brought profound changes in the digital sphere, offering new opportunities to simplify business transactions with cryptocurrencies and make them secure at the same time.

In addition, the word Quant also refers to a token that can be used as a form of payment on the network, as well as having its own intrinsic value and listing on the market.

History and Origins

The Quant project was born from some of the brightest minds in the world of cryptocurrencies and digital technologies. In fact, among its creators there is Gilbert Verdian, known for being one of the creators of the first blockchain. In addition, also participating in the project were Colin Paterson and Paolo Tasca two other prominent figures in the development of digital systems. 

Quant’s creation program lasted several years in order to create a system that could break down the communication limitations of blockchains and be reliable and secure. In 2018, the announcement of the creation of an innovative blockchain was made, with an initial offering to purchase the Quant token, raising a capital of $11 million.

Today, this cryptocurrency has a capitalization that puts it among the top 100 digital currencies with high trading volumes, reflecting the deep trust from investors. A success closely related to its particular characteristics.

How it works

Quant can be considered a kind of blockchain bridge, that is, a bridge that allows to connect different types of decentralized networks together. This was possible thanks to the type of platform created, which is called Overledger Enterprise, and its technology that manages to create a sort of gateway through which it will be possible to allow the sharing of data. In fact, the system creates separate servers to which the different blockchains will be able to be connected, regardless of the type of algorithm and protocol they use.

This has led to several applications of Quant in different sectors, especially in the corporate sector, with the development of smart contracts. In fact, several registries will be created through Quant’s network, allowing data communication and the use of decentralized applications, the so-called DApps. Finally, Quant is able to support particular types of tokens allowing the development and simplification of activities related to crypto loans.

The Quant Project 

The idea behind Quant has brought about profound changes in the digital network sector, opening the door to new applications in the private and corporate sectors. In particular, through Quant it is possible to develop more and more advanced contracts, while maintaining security and speed of the individual networks. In addition to this, there are ample growth prospects also for the development opportunities of a sector, such as that of the DApp, which thanks to Quant will be able to evolve with new opportunities. 

As you can see, investing in this cryptocurrency can have some advantages. Obviously, like all financial activities, risks are expected, since the Quant system is very recent and has already undergone several corrections to make it reliable and flexible to different networks.

Another aspect to consider is the QNT token, which in the last year has achieved an increase in its value equal to 100%. It will be possible to invest in this cryptocurrency either by using an exchange platform and thus operating with the exchange of FIAT currencies into digital ones, or by choosing an authorized online broker. Among the best ones, which offer the possibility to invest on Quant, with professional tools and low commissions, you can consider the eToro platform.

Benefits and Risks

Is it worth investing in Quant? The technology of this cryptocurrency has brought ample room for growth on which to invest in the field of smart contracts and decentralized applications. In addition, the listing of Quant cryptocurrency has immediately gained the trust of investors, thanks precisely to the innovation of the technology on which it is based, strengthened by programming that has been carefully developed in order to make this network reliable.

In addition to this, the project has obtained funding in excess of 30 million dollars, aimed at enhancing the performance and related applications. Quant promises to be a digital currency with high volumes of exchange and with excellent possibilities of growth, given that it will be inserted in a booming sector.

Like all investments, operating with this cryptocurrency also involves a series of risks. Among the aspects to be considered is the presence of competitors, in particular other blockchains that have paid attention to the smart contract sector, even if Quant’s technology is expected to be innovative. Finally, among the aspects to pay attention to, there is also the cryptocurrency’s quotation, which is closely linked to investor sentiment, with a high volatility that could lead to sudden changes in the price.

Forecasts for the Future

The growth prospects for Quant seem to be very concrete, just consider that the technology of this blockchain may be among those that will allow a new development of decentralized finance applications. To confirm the possible growth of its quotation there are the forecasts of some investment banks that put as target price within six months, a value double than today’s one, while the most optimistic estimates assume the achievement of $400.

In this perspective, Quant could potentially be considered a valid product to insert in its own investments, both to operate in the short term, thanks to the high volumes of exchange, and in the long term, as it is proving to be a reliable and functional network.

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