How to Delete a contact on whatsapp without them noticing

Do you know what happens when you delete a WhatsApp contact? Here we give you all the tricks so that they do not find out.

On more than one occasion you might have encountered this situation: how to delete a contact on WhatsApp without them noticing. Because you want to stop seeing her/him, but you do not want to add fuel to the fire and let him know that you have blocked or deleted him, which means more pressure or harassment on his part. Well, you have found the right tutorial, and here we are going to tell you everything you need to know to delete a contact on WhatsApp without him or her noticing. Or at least all the options you have in your hand to carry out this action.

Delete a contact on WhatsApp without them noticing

The first thing is to understand how WhatsApp works and the difference between delete and block. If you have reached this article you will know that blocking in WhatsApp gives clues to the blocked person. That is, they will know that you have blocked them. And if you want to avoid problems, the best thing to do is to delete them from your phone. By deleting a contact you will continue to show your profile picture and those clues and information that is not shown with the block. But of course, what you want is to stop receiving messages and have that person present. Well, this is what you should do if you do not know how to delete a contact in WhatsApp without being noticed:

Silence their notifications

 As we will not be able to completely remove the contact in WhatsApp, we can ignore it by silencing their messages and notifications. Enter the WhatsApp chat of this person, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and check Silence notifications. Check the Always option in the box that appears and do not check the Show notifications option.

Archive the conversation

The next step is to no longer see that contact on WhatsApp, and to do this you can archive their conversation. Go to the main WhatsApp chat screen, press and hold your finger for a few seconds on their conversation to mark it, and then press the button to archive.

From this point on, if you have deleted the contact from WhatsApp. You won’t see the contact or receive notifications of their messages. And you have avoided the step of blocking it in the Whatsapp application

So now you have managed to know how to delete a contact in WhatsApp without the contact noticing. The only problem is if he continues to text you. If he does, his chat will return to the home screen of your WhatsApp conversations. However, you can ignore him and archive the conversation again. But It’s not the best option, but it’s the only option available if you don’t want to give him hints.

But what if you delete the contact permanently? If you delete a contact on WhatsApp will he find out? We have answered these questions below.

How to delete someone from WhatsApp without them knowing

If you are looking for the option to delete a contact on WhatsApp you should know a couple of things, if you delete a contact on WhatsApp he/she can find out that you have deleted them. This is mainly because the WhatsApp application has privacy tools that regulate what our contacts and unknown contacts can see and whatnot. If you delete a contact and become an unknown number, it is also possible that your last seen, your profile picture or your WhatsApp statuses will not be shown.

Of course, you can change this as well. If you go to WhatsApp Settings and click on Privacy, you can configure different settings. One of them, the most eye-catching, and that usually gives the clue whether you have blocked or deleted contact is the profile picture. You can choose the option to show everyone so that WhatsApp does not differentiate between a contact that is in your address book and a deleted contact or unknown contact. Also, with the information of the last seen time and the WhatsApp Status.

If you check the All option in all these tools anyone with your mobile number will be able to see this information. Although you will be able to delete the contact from WhatsApp without letting them know. But this will not prevent that person, He/She can continue to write you normally. So it is a half-measure below blocking.

How to delete a contact from WhatsApp permanently

With everything we have already explained about deleting a contact you still decide to delete it permanently, here we tell you how to do it. And is that if you wonder how to delete a WhatsApp contact permanently, you must do several things.

The first thing is to know that deleting a WhatsApp contact does not mean blocking it. So their messages can continue to enter your WhatsApp application, although you do not see the name of the same, only their number. So think twice or apply one of the tricks we have explained above.

Anyway, if you are wondering how to delete a contact from WhatsApp, these are the steps you should take:

  1. Go to your mobile contact list (not WhatsApp).
  2. Search for the contact.
  3. Delete their contact information: name and number. You should find this option by marking the contact or editing it.

With all this, you will see that, if he writes to you via WhatsApp, you will not have the contact’s name in your chat, but the phone number. The good thing is that if you have increased the privacy barriers, such as not showing your profile picture, last seen or status, and so on to everyone, only to your contacts, this person will not see this content. But the communication channel will remain open until the block is executed.

How to remove someone from a Whatsapp group without notifying them

If your doubts are about how to remove someone from a Whatsapp group without them finding out, then we should talk about other measures. You may already know that kicking someone out of a group chat has very visible direct results. There is no subtle way to do it. Well, there is: creating another group.

If you create a new group and add all the members except that person you have already achieved the primary goal. It is true that the rest of the people will not talk in the old group, but at least you will not have given any clues to that contact about your intentions to delete him/her.

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