How to make payments in Telegram chats in 2024

Payments in Telegram chats are here. We tell you how they work and if they are secure.

Did you know that you can already buy and pay for something on Telegram? The function has been available since 2017, but now Telegram allows all users who create or sell products over the Internet and of course Telegram for users to pay directly by credit card or debit card in the Telegram application. But do you know how to make payments in Telegram chats? Here we explain it step by step.

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If you want to send a payment in any Telegram chat the first thing you’re going to do is update the application. Telegram already allows you to make payments in chats through the mobile app or from your PC. Everything is standardized to make the process simple. The only thing you need to do is to have the Telegram application up to date.

Go through the Google Play Store if you have an Android device, or the App Store if you have an iPhone. And, of course, you have an updated website to download the application on your Mac or a Windows computer. Be sure to download version 6.1 or the latest to have all these new features. Something more flexible if you download directly from the Telegram website instead of waiting for the update to land in the official app store of each platform.

These are the steps to make payments in Telegram chats

You should know that payments 2.0, as Telegram calls them, arrive to allow all comfort when making a payment on Telegram. And now any chat can include a payment: a channel, a chat or a group can launch the request for the user to pay with his credit card or debit card.

It is enough that, once the requestor offer is launched, the user clicks on the Pay option that appears next to the price in that request. At that point he can enter his credit or debit card details without leaving Telegram, all secured directly by 8 payment providers such as Stripe, Payme, Click, or Ecompany. This way the payment is made directly between the user, the provider, and the store. Without Telegram having anything to do with it.

The process is like any kind of purchase over the Internet, and with the same steps as when shopping on your favorite website. The difference is that you can do it all directly in a Telegram chat.

Is it safe to make payments in Telegram chats?

The process of making payments in Telegram chats is as safe as in any online platform or any certified website. And the process is carried out in Telegram but through regular providers. Telegram does not collect banking information. Not even your credit or debit card number. It simply gives their chats to carry out this process.

By doing so, Telegram is detached from the transaction. In addition, the process is carried out through the providers, who already offer their guarantees and protection systems. Just like your bank, requesting that you approve the transaction from their bank application, via a code via SMS or any other tool they have. That’s why it’s secure and private, without paying in a Telegram chat is a way for them to steal your bank details. Unless you share them in a group, of course.

Is Telegram Free or Paid?

Of course, Telegram is free. The messaging app not only remains free but claims to take no commission on these payments 2.0. The messaging platform has opened up its API or authoring tool so that owners and stores can add Telegram to their avenues for making payments through different providers. So Telegram is just the channel, with no commission, more expensive prices, or any other system to enrich you or fatten prices of products you will pay for yourself. And that’s how easy it is to make payments in Telegram chats.

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