Why Aliexpress says order closed | Explained

Do you get the message “order closed” after buying on AliExpress? We tell you what it means and how you can solve it.

A warning that may appear after making a purchase on AliExpress is “order closed”. This message warns that we will not receive the order for some reason. We tell you what the order closed message on AliExpress means, the reasons why the online store may close an order, and how you can receive the order you have purchased.

When AliExpress alerts about a closed order, it means that the order has been canceled by AliExpress, not by the seller. Don’t worry if the payment has been made, AliExpress will refund the money within 15 or up to 20 days.

You can also contact AliExpress if you believe that you have not violated any of the rules of the platform and they have closed the order by mistake. However, you must provide evidence to confirm that the order has not been closed for violating the store’s policy.

On the other hand, you can also contact AliExpress for information about the refund of the order or if after 20 days you still have not received the refund, although the latter is rare to happen.

Why orders are closed on Aliexpress

Don’t use coupons you’ve used before if you want to avoid the “Order closed” message on AliExpress.

Don’t know why orders are closed on AliExpress? We tell you the main causes and how you can solve the problem.

The most common cause is because you have used an Aliexpress coupon that you have already used before. For example, the ‘New buyer’ coupon which is a single-use coupon. Aliexpress tracks all the data to see if the address, phone number or card, has already been used before with that same coupon. If it detects that, for example, the address is the same, it closes the order. The same happens if you enter the phone number or make the payment with the same PayPal account or bank card.

AliExpress can also close the order for other less common reasons. For example, the payment has not been made correctly. In these cases, the portal usually specifies the problem.

To avoid having your order closed again on AliExpress, buy the product again without redeeming a previously used coupon. Try other coupons or ask a friend to purchase the product with the welcome coupon and your details, but keep in mind that he/she will not be able to redeem it again.

Aliexpress: Order canceled for security reasons

In addition to the order closed message, AliExpress may also display other messages alerting you to the cancellation of the purchase.

AliExpress may also warn of an order canceled for security. This type of cancellation can also be for using a previously used coupon. Another cause of this message is that the shipping information is incomplete or wrong. In this case, AliExpress will ask you to fill in the missing fields to proceed with the shipment.

If AliExpress finally cancels the order for safety and you have already paid for the product, the portal will refund you. It is not immediate, it can take up to 20 days.

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