Google Maps: How To Get To A Place By Bicycle

This is how you can get to any place by bike on Google Maps.

If there’s one popular mapping application, it’s Google Maps. The platform offers a lot of tools to make it easier to get around and to visualize locations. But it can also be a good ally to make a route by bike. Find out on Google Maps: how to get to a place by bike.

In 2005 Google launched the Maps application. This platform has been growing and is currently one of the most used to move on the road and discover any location. In Google Maps you can find the cheapest gas stations, you can see maps of up to 220 different countries, locate millions of businesses or receive the best information to move in these times of coronavirus.

This platform is also widely used for leisure. If you are one of those who like to take a walk or every day you use the bike more and more to move around the countryside or the city look at Google Maps: how to get by bike to a place, with the app you can set a route and not end up lost in the countryside.

To know in Google Maps: how to get by bike to a place follow the steps that we show you below:

  • Open Google Maps and find the final destination where you want to arrive. Then click on the magnifying glass icon.
  • Then click on “How to get there”.
  • Now check the starting point and if it is different from your current location change it.
  • Then under the destination click on the bicycle icon.
  • The route to get there will be shown if there is one or two or three in case there are several alternatives to get to the same destination. Just click on “Start” to begin.  

How To Calculate A Bike Route

Once you know in Google Maps: how to get by bike to a place you are going to show you also how to calculate a bike route. If in addition to knowing the route where you have to go you need to control the time it will take you the bike route Google Maps gives you the information in a simple and approximate way.

To calculate a bike route just open Google Maps and in the search box above enter your destination. Then click on “How to get there”. Now check the starting point and change it if it is not correct. Once you have the starting point and the arrival point set in the bicycle icon you will see the time it takes between the two points.

If more than one alternative route appears click on the map on those alternative routes so that Google Maps calculates the time it takes to complete them.

How To Create A Road Bike Route On Google Maps

Google Maps also offers the possibility to go by road, even if your transport is the bike. To do this we tell you how to create a bike route by road in Google Maps.

To create a personalized bike route the best way is to use My Maps, the Google app that allows you to design your own personalized maps on Google Maps. The first thing to do is to download the My Maps app on your mobile.

Then click on the red icon and choose the option “create new map” and give it a name. Now start adding places on the map through the search engine. When you have the place add it to the map. Repeat the process as many times as you want and always make sure that the route is by road.

Add the corresponding indications and then in the area on the right, change the means of transport and put “Bicycle”. Then, set the starting point and put the other points you have created in order.  If you are logged in to My Maps with the same account as Google Maps, the map will appear when you open the Google Maps app and you will have your route.

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