How To Use Google Calendar As A Calendar And Secretary From Your Cell Phone

Find out how to use Google Calendar as a calendar and secretary. Do you have a lot to do and find it hard to get organized? We show you how to use Google Calendar as a calendar and secretary from your cell phone.

When we have a lot of things to do, it is often easy to forget some of them or simply find it a little more difficult to get organized. Luckily, our smartphone can be very useful for this. Google has an application that is ideal for our organization of what we have to do, both professionally and leisurely, is ideal: Google Calendar. Therefore, in this post we are going to show you how to use Google Calendar as an agenda and secretary from your mobile, which is quite simple.

The Google Calendar app comes preinstalled as standard on most Android phones. But if this is not the case with yours, you always have the option to download it from the Google Play Store. In principle, when we open it, what we find is a simple calendar. But its functions multiply as soon as we learn to add tasks and reminders that make it the ideal agenda.

To create an event or task, you simply have to hover over the day in question and press the + button. There you will see four options appear: event, task, goal or reminder. Depending on whether what you need is a simple to-do list or a reminder of when you will have an event, one option or the other will be more useful. Once you get used to using it, it will have become a must-have.

How Google Calendar Works

What you need to learn now is how Google Calendar works. And for that we are going to explain the difference between the four options we can use in this application. Events are probably the most used option. You can schedule the day and time of something you want to do, and even schedule it to repeat periodically. You can also add the information you will need for the event, including attachments. And you can schedule it to remind you of the event at a time that suits you best.

Tasks, on the other hand, are a simple list of things you have to do. The idea is that you have a list with all of them so that you can cross them off as you do them. But you can also add more details or ask Calendar to send you a reminder.

A reminder is simply an option to ask Google Calendar to notify you of something at a specific time. And goals are something more abstract, like exercising, meditating or having time for yourself, that you can schedule in the tool to help you accomplish them.

How To Get Organized With Google Calendar

Now that you know the different options you have, the question is how to get organized with Google Calendar so that it becomes your agenda and your secretary.

Ideally, the moment you have a task or a commitment (which can be anything from something professional to a doctor’s appointment) you should add it to the calendar as a task or as an event. For things that you think you are likely to forget, it is recommended that you add a reminder. This way, Google Calendar will send you notifications that will prevent you from missing anything.

Every day, open your calendar application on your mobile or on the PC from which you work. There you can see all the tasks and events you have for that day. That way you can cross out the different things you have finished, reschedule for another day those that you do not have time for and, in short, have everything you need to do throughout the day in the same app so you do not forget anything.

To make it more visual, you can create categories for the different types of events and tasks and add different colors to them, so you can better differentiate what you see in the app.