How to put Teams in dark mode to work better at night?

The great reception that has had the dark mode for applications today such as Teams, has been one of the best, thanks to this feature that many large companies have begun to use has generated that many people use it to reduce the amount of light that is perceived and reduce eye fatigue.

Microsoft was not left behind and also began to use it to its fullest extent and for Teams it was no wonder that it was introduced to drastically reduce the light emitted by it. If you learn how to change the browser dark mode, you will also learn how to do it in Microsoft Teams in a simple way.

What factor is of importance before switching Microsoft Teams to dark mode?

Teams being the platform that Microsoft gives us for communication and teamwork that supports more in the professional field of companies, allows us to be connected with different users as if we were in meetings by activating the video camera on the PC or mobile.   

However, when sitting working with documents for long hours you may get tired eyesight for its high luminescence by the white background that this has, to avoid this Microsoft has implemented the use of dark mode to reduce this excessive amount of light that can transmit.

Let’s keep in mind that the dark mode comes to benefit the user by reducing the amount of light emitted by a screen and that we do not get to suffer from visual problems. In addition, this function is so great that we can change it in our Outlook, Gmail or Hotmail emails.

Verify that you have the updated version of the program

So that we can change the dark mode of Microsoft Teams we must take into account the update of this that should be in the most recent. This way, you will have better options on the platform when using Teams and better compatibility with the application’s files.

What are the differences between setting the dark mode and the high contrast theme in Teams?

For those who do not know, Windows has a mode very similar to the dark mode called High Contrast Theme that we can use, this function that can be very interesting can help us to visualize and move better on our computer and in our browsers if we know how to use and customize the colors of our computer.

The big difference between the high contrast function and the dark mode is that the first one can reach the whole computer system, that is to say, browsers, folders and all the applications that are on the computer will be changed to a darker style with a contrast where the letters can be white and the background black depending on how you configure them.

On the other hand, the dark mode only affects the page we are using. For example, if we learn how to activate the YouTube dark mode, we will see that it will only apply to that page. However, with the high contrast mode, both that page and the entire system will be affected.  

How to put Microsoft Teams in dark mode?

If you spend many hours in front of your computer screen and would like to be more in dark mode doing work at night and beware of the high amount of light that monitors emit when in normal mode. Here we will show you how to put Microsoft Teams on dark mode and return to its normal form on both mobile and computers.

From the desktop site

From home or work, you can change the simple appearance of Teams to dark mode. First we will have to be using Teams for this and click on the icon of our profile and then choose from the menu displayed the settings.

Once inside the settings we will go to general and accept the dark option that will appear and Microsoft Teams will become totally black. It is right here in the General option of the app where we can choose if we want to use the high contrast mode to make it darker.   

Do it on a mobile device

Not only can we make the change to dark mode from the computer, on mobile devices you can also make this change. To do this we must have the application in use and access the settings by entering our profile picture.

After having entered we will go to the General options of the application and we will go to enable the dark mode option and accept that if we want to proceed with the change accepting that Teams will close and open automatically. If you want to disable it and go back to how it was before, you will do the same steps and disable the option in the same way it was enabled.

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