How do I edit photos with CapCut to share them on my social networks?

Find out how do I edit photos with CapCut. Developed by ByteDance, who are the owners of TikTok, CapCut is a sensational application available for iOS and Android devices; it is based on photo editing to make simple videos in vertical format, a perfect function to share on the social networks of your choice.

What to know when editing photos within CapCut?

CapCut is one of the most downloaded applications this year, which is not a surprise because they offer incredible features and it is totally free; there are minimum requirements to access this app and edit videos like a pro, the most important of all is the storage of your device.

The storage it will occupy

The storage of your device varies depending on the model you have, it is always relevant to keep in mind that the apps require a certain amount of space; that is why we recommend that before downloading and using CapCut you check if you have at least 50 MB free in your storage.

You can do this easily, just go to your device’s settings and select the option that says: Storage. In this option it will tell you how much space you have available and the consumption of each app that is downloaded on the device.

Once you verify that you have the necessary storage, you can download it and take advantage of all its functions, you will see that you have everything to edit, musicalize and even to animate your images with motion effects and much more.

What is the procedure to edit photos in CapCut?

With CapCut you will not need to log in with an account, at the moment of using it, it shows you in its home screen to start a project; if you want to know how you can edit photos like a professional with the best effects to make the best videos and share them in your networks, continue reading, here we will tell you all about it.

What is the procedure to edit photos in CapCut?

With CapCut you won’t need to log in with an account, when you start using it, it will show you in its home screen to start a project; if you want to know how you can edit photos like a pro with the best effects to make the best videos and share them in your networks, continue reading, we will tell you everything here.

Start by adding photos

CapCut has a totally nice graphical environment, which makes using it very easy, when you enter the app you must select New Project; after this it shows you a list with the files that are inside your device. In the Photos option will appear all the photos you have on your device, select the ones you want to add and click on accept.

Edit the duration of the photo to your liking

The photos have a standard duration given by CapCut, to change it you only have to click on Edit, in the lower area of your screen locate the scissors icon; when you click on them a box will appear showing what is its duration, you can move the bar until it lasts the time you want.

How to add audio

At the bottom of the CapCut screen appears an icon in the shape of a musical note, by clicking on it you can add the audio you want; you have the option to search within your device the perfect sound and add it to your presentation, either a song or even a WhatsApp audio controlling the time and volume you want so that your video becomes viral on social networks.

When you want to animate your photos

When you select the image an option that says Animate will appear at the bottom, CapCut offers you multiple animation options; you can apply movement to the image, determine the time of entry and exit, plus you can add some transition effect that will allow you to make an incredible presentation.

How to add transitions

Applying transitions to a video with photographs makes it look professional, adds style and versatility to the content; in CapCut it is very easy to do, you only have to select the Edit option, in it look for Animations, it offers you multiple input and output transitions, choose the one you like the most.

If you want to add any additional effects

It is important that the video you are creating looks amazing, that’s why we recommend you to add some effect that will give the professional touch you want. Just click on the shooting star icon, here you can retouch the photo of your choice; you can also add a filter to enhance the image, or add an effect that will make your video stand out.

How to use a template in CapCut?

If you want to have a tool to help you with editing, the templates in CapCut are the best, they give you options that will make your video viral; to access them you just have to click on the Stickers option, here you have to select different templates, to add them to your video.

What is the way to save the result obtained in the app?

CapCut is a totally intuitive application, which makes it easy to use, that’s why it became one of the most downloaded editing apps; the process to save the obtained result is very easy, you just have to click on the upload icon at the top of the screen.

The application will show you a message indicating that you should not close the app or block the device until the download is finished; after this you have your video with photos ready to share with your friends and acquaintances through your social networks.

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