How To Buy On Wallapop With Shipping

Find out how to buy on Wallapop with shipping. Do you want to buy a second-hand product without having to meet the other person? We show you how to buy on Wallapop with shipping.

At first, the only way to buy on Wallapop was to agree with the other person to make the delivery. But now you can also receive your products at home. You just have to know how to buy on Wallapop with shipping, something that is quite simple.

The only thing you will have to do in principle is to click the Buy button when you see a product you like. Wait 24 hours for the seller to confirm the purchase.

Later, from the app itself, you will have to make the payment. The system is quite easy and secure. You have three different methods for payment, which can be by card, by wallet that you will be charging at your convenience or Paypal. Afterwards you will have to ask if you want it to be delivered to your home or if you prefer to pick it up at the post office, a very useful option for those who spend a lot of time away from home. In a matter of a few days you will have the package at home. In addition to the convenience of shipping, buying by this method will give you greater security in the payment and the possibility of free returns.

Is There Free Shipping With Wallapop?

If you want to try to save as much as possible when shopping, you’re probably wondering if there is free shipping with Wallapop. The reality is that the platform itself does not have any system that allows you to get free shipping costs if you make a purchase.

However, on pages like you can find codes with which you can get free shipping on the first order you make with Wallapop. Therefore, if what you want is to make a purchase in a timely manner, you will have the possibility to save the costs.

Measures For Shipments On Wallapop

The platform offers us a series of measures for shipments on Wallapop that make our purchase much safer. One of the main measures is that the seller does not receive the money until we have received the package. In this way, we will avoid possible problems of orders that never reach our hands, one of the main doubts when buying second-hand products. For this reason, an amount is applied to the purchase in concept of insurance, which gives you all these guarantees.

Using Wallapop Shipping also ensures that you can return the product if it is not what you need within a certain period of time. Your money will be refunded in full, with maximum security and without having to depend on the goodwill of the seller.

Who Pays For Shipping On Wallapop

If you are wondering who pays for shipping on Wallapop, we are sorry to tell you that this expense is always paid by the buyer. For this, the platform has a series of rates that vary depending on the weight of the package. If you are going to buy a small product, the price you will have to pay to receive it at home will not be very large, so it will compensate you for sure. In the case that you are going to buy a very large and heavy product, such as a piece of furniture, it is possible that you will pay more to pick it up if it is in your own city. 

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