How To Put A Business On Waze | Guide

Here’s how to add a business on Waze for other drivers to see

One of the most used applications to get driving directions is Waze. But in it we can also see establishments to make a stop and buy any product. If you have a business and want to appear in this app we explain how to put in Waze a business easily and quickly.

Waze currently has a community of more than 140 million users worldwide. In addition to a navigation application, this platform is also a great social network because it is the users themselves who report traffic incidents.

The operation of this application is the basis of its success because it has an interface with a simple and intuitive design. The application is free and is available for both Android and iOS.

This type of apps are also really interesting for business owners as they serve as a showcase to advertise their establishments in case any of the drivers using the platform need to buy a product or simply stop for a coffee. Below, we show you how to put a business on Waze.

To find out how to put a business in Waze the first thing you have to do is open the app and click on a circular orange icon that is related to “reports”. Then tap on the “Place” icon. Now the device’s camera will open. Take a picture of the front of the business and tap on the two black arrows inside a blue circle.

Next, type the name of the business and then indicate the address where it is located. Finally, you will have to choose the category to which it belongs, if for example it is an accommodation, a place to sell food or drinks, a factory, etc. Finally, click on “done”.  

How To Register A Business On Waze

You already know how to put a business in Waze, but if you are interested in knowing how to register a company in Waze to advertise within the navigation app we explain the steps you must follow below.

To register a company in Waze you must enter the web and click on “start”. Then the app will ask you to complete all the information about the company, especially you have to put the exact location and the sector to which it is dedicated.

Waze allows you to advertise your company in its app with four different formats of advertising models. These are professional ads that seek to increase the visibility of your company. You just have to define how much money you want to spend on advertising and choose the type of ad to display. Waze has advertising models for small and medium businesses and also for large companies.

How To Create A Place On Waze

In addition to knowing how to set up a business on Waze it is also interesting to know how to create a place on Waze. This way you can show the community the location, for example, of a monument or a little-known natural space.

To create a place in Waze you have to follow practically the same steps as when setting up a business. You just have to open the Waze app and then click on the orange circular icon on the right side in the middle of the screen.

Then you must choose the purple icon where it says “Place”, then the camera of your cell phone will open. There you must capture an image of the place you are going to put in Waze. Then indicate the address and the category to which it belongs. If it is a monument you can notify it and if it is a natural space you can also put it easily. Finally, click on “done”.

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