How to avoid being found on Telegram | Tricks 2024

Have you ever wondered how to make so they can’t find me on Telegram? We show you the steps you can follow to do so.

Telegram usually notifies all your contacts that you have an account on the platform. But that’s something that not all users are convinced by. If you’ve been wondering how to make it so they can’t find me on Telegram, we show you the way to get it.

  • Go to Telegram Settings
  • Click on the Privacy and Security section
  • Under Privacy, go to the Phone number
  • In the Who can see my number? Select No one
  • In the Who can find me by my number? option, select My contacts.

In this way, people you do not have in your contact list will not be able to see if you have a Telegram account, something that can be very helpful to prevent them from finding you. But if you don’t want your contacts to see you either, there is a slightly more drastic solution. What you have to do is go into Privacy and security>Contacts and press the Delete synced contacts option. This way, the app would not have access to who your contacts are so that no one can find you on Telegram even if you have them saved.

Why Telegram alerts your contacts

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The situation where your contacts know that you have an account on the messaging tool doesn’t happen in other apps like WhatsApp. And you’ve probably wondered at some point why Telegram notifies your contacts.

Although Telegram has not made public the reasons for this decision, everything indicates that they are aware that they have a much smaller number of users than WhatsApp. So, you may not know if any of your contacts have joined their messaging tool. The notification will help you know whether or not you can talk through this tool with a particular contact.

Of course, these notifications can become a bit annoying. If you don’t want the app to alert you every time one of your contacts has joined, you will have to go into Settings>Notifications & Sounds. The option A contact joined Telegram will be checked by default. When you uncheck it, you will be able to avoid getting notifications every time someone joins the tool.

How the invisible mode works in Telegram

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Another way to preserve your privacy can be the invisible mode. It will not prevent them from finding you, but it will prevent them from knowing that you are online. But it is a not too well-known option, so it is easy for you to wonder how the invisible mode works in Telegram.

To activate this mode, you must follow the steps below:

  • In Telegram, enter the Settings menu.
  • Go to Privacy and security
  • In the Last time and Online section select the Nobody option.
  • From there, none of your contacts will be able to know whether or not you are connected to Telegram at that moment, nor when you were last connected. You can also configure this option so that only those people you have saved in your contact list can see this information.

A large number of privacy options is one of the great strengths of Telegram, and one of the reasons why more and more people prefer it over WhatsApp. But many of these possibilities are unknown to many users.

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